You know it’s Monday when. . .

you wake up and realize that you forgot to make a call the day before because you forgot what day it was. Yep, I did that. All weekend long, I’d been a day off — as in thinking Saturday was Friday, etc. I blame the scheduling, or should I say re-scheduling, of several regular appointments during the week. The reschedules were necessary, but man did they throw a wrench into things.

But that’s not the only way you can tell it’s Monday. The second indication I had that the week had started — and that it might be one of those weeks where it would be wise to look for falling asteroids — was news about the Southwest Airlines flight that landed at the wrong airport. If you take what the Southwest representative says, it was an “uneventful” landing. I know the old adage that any landing you can walk away from is a good one, but I at least expect to land at the airport I’ve paid to go to.

In this case, for whatever reason, the pilot landed at Taney County Airport, approximately seven miles from the Branson Airport. That would be bad enough but the fact that the runway the jet landed on is approximately half the length of the one at Branson is of even more concern. The passengers onboard described how the jet just seemed to “drop to the ground” and talked about having to grab the seat in front of them. Brakes were hit and thrusters thrown into reverse. Tires smoked. Oh, and the flight had been so low on approach that people on the ground could see inside the jet.

And still nothing from Southwest except the comment that it was an “uneventful” landing and everyone was all right. All I know for sure is that the passengers were bused to the proper airport, another plane was brought in to fly them to Dallas. How many missed connecting flights and were stuck in the airport or had to find hotels, I haven’t heard.

And folks wonder why I don’t like flying these days.

Then there’s this story about the hacker who leaked the video proving that the victim in the Steubenfille rape case was, in fact, unconscious at the time of the assault. This is the case where the suspects weren’t charged until after the hacker found the evidence — text messages and a video one of them had made of the assault — and leaked it to the media. I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia as an authoritative site, but you can find the basic details of the crime here.

The hacker, Deric Lostutter, now faces federal charges for his actions. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison. This sentence is more than any of the rapists received. In fact, one of them is already out on good behavior — and without ever apologizing to his victim for what he did. If that isn’t enough to make you scratch your head, note that the second defendant was sentenced to an extra year for distributing digital images of the victim in the case and will probably be released next year — for a rape that occurred in 2012.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condoning what Lostutter did. He broke the law. But the differences in sentencing does shine the light on several problems in our system. First, the fact that the defendants in the Steubenville case were sentenced as juveniles instead of as adults is beyond me. They were old enough to know that what they were doing was wrong. They knew the girl was unconscious and unable to consent at the time they raped her. At least one of them then made a conscious decision to email and/or post online images of her taken, iirc, at the time of the assault. So, because they were found guilty of “delinquent misconduct” instead of rape, they soon get to return to their lives without ever giving a thought to how they have impacted the lives of their victim, her family and friends.

But for Lostutter who is not a minor, the Feds are going all out after him. Yes, he broke the law. Yes, he threatened to “go after” the rapists and those who helped cover up the crime. Yes, he released the video and texts after he found them. So, yes, he needs to pay the price for breaking the law.

My question, however, is this: is what he did that much worse than what these young men did?

The answer, at least to me, is hell no!

So, unless there is more to the case against him than I know — and it is quite possible there — then I think the possibility of ten years in prison for making sure the victim in this case received at least a little justice is excessive.

Both of these stories leave me shaking my head and wondering what other sort of insanity we’re going to see this week. Yes, I am keeping an eye out for asteroids because, sure as my name is Amanda, if one decides to strike the Earth, it will do so exactly where I’m standing. Especially if the week continues as it has started.

In other news, I’m introducing myself over at According to Hoyt this morning. I’m joining Sarah’s “Raiding Party” and will be blogging there once a month. Now I’m off to find more coffee and to finish re-editing something that my computer ate the edits on. Then it’s on to  the next novel which is, finally, starting to come to life in my head.


  1. I’d love to hear how that pilot explained landing at the wrong airport. [Evil Grin]

    Mind you, it sounds like he knew how to handle landing where the runway was too short. [Whew]

  2. At night it is far easier than one would think, especially if the runways are close to the same direction, but this was at dusk, so slightly less so. The runways for the two are 2 degrees difference.
    Also, Traffic Control had to have noticed he was a bit off course too … right? … but I can guarantee with 90%= certainty it will be filed as Pilot Error

    1. I know. But it wasn’t night — yet — or at least not fully dark and from what I can tell, the weather was pretty good. And I’m not putting the whole thing on the pilot because I have to wonder where Air Traffic Control was on all this. Still, you have to admit, it is a screw up on someone’s part — possibly several someones — and everyone is lucky the pilot managed to stop the jet before it went off the runway.

      1. the same thing recently happened to a Boeing 747Special (A super guppy style carrier) that landed at the wrong airport to deliver either fuselage sections or wings and this place was so small they couldn’t even move the plane until a tug was escorted in (and the first one broke down on the way), like these the airports were somewhat in the same heading, direction of runway and 10 or so miles apart. They had to carefully turn the thing around and push it to the edge of the apron to have the needed space to take back off.

        I used to work at an airport, so I could go on and on about things like this.

  3. “is what he did that much worse than what these young men did?”

    Of course. He embarrassed The Authorities. Mustn’t do that. They get downright stroppy if you imply that they might not be archangels come to Earth……

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