Writing Resumes, Pelosi Takes a Hit and Another One Bits the Dust

The title of the post says it all. Fiction writing has resumed — yay! Nancy Pelosi had a really bad day yesterday (another yay!). Topping it all off, longtime Today Show anchor Matt Lauer has been fired. All this and it’s not even 0900 here.

Matt Lauer, face of the Today Show, hated by fans of Ann Curry and others who have come and gone, found himself out of a job this morning. In a statement from NBC News chairman Andy Luck and read on air by Savannah Guthrie, Lauer’s termination for “inappropriate sexual behavior” was made public. So far, few, if any, details of that behavior have been made public. However, it is easy to speculate that this was more than a he said-she said situation. First, the speed with which NBC terminated Lauer, completely bypassing suspending him, speaks volumes. So does Lack’s comment to the effect that the network had reason to believe this wasn’t the only instance in which Lauer violated network policy. Whatever it was, this is going to have both a PR impact as well as a financial impact on NBC as it continues to fight for that number one place in the morning news ratings race.

Then there’s Nancy “I’m still bitter” Pelosi. Yesterday saw her being handed her head, metaphorically speaking, twice by the Trump administration. The first occurred when she and good ole Churck Schumer decided to “teach Trump a lesson” and not attend a planned meeting with the President, Mitch McConnal and Paul Ryan. The second happened when a federal judge refused to implement a motion for a TRO barring Trump from naming his own head to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both of these are the basis for my post over at Victory Girls today.

Now for the really important news. The fiction writing has resumed. I’ll admit that I’d been worried the knee injury would sideline writing for any stretch of time for longer than I wanted. Fortunately, I don’t mind writing on the iPad Pro — at least not too much. Even better, I finally discovered the one place in the house where I can sit and comfortably elevate the leg while I write. That’s huge. So, writing proceeds at a much faster pace than before.

That means, fingers crossed, I’ll have a snippet to post tomorrow. Until then, I’m off to write . . . After finding more coffee. Later!


  1. Not enough coffee. When I say the title, I thought of job hunting. IE résumés not resuming writing. 😉

    1. LOL. Nope. But it was definitely a time of not enough coffee. I’d already done the Pelosi post for Victory Girls and had been up about 4 hours. Coffeeeeee.

  2. Huzzah on finding a comfortable place at all. That you can write there, well, wow. Hope you’ve had a dandy day.

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