Writing, Guest Blogging and Waiting for News

This will be a quick post. Another one will follow later today. For the most part, I’m going to spend the day trying to catch up on writing. I also have a guest post up at According to Hoyt, the latest installment in my review of HRC’s book, What Happened. Finally, like many in the country, I’m waiting to see what Al Franken has to say when he takes to the floor at 11:45 Eastern this morning. Reports are in conflict as to whether or not he will resign.

Speaking of Franken and the others like him who have had allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior leveled against them…

Last night I went to dinner with my mother and a friend, followed by listening to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Over dinner, we talked a little about all the allegations that have been coming out of DC, Hollywood and New York. Gail, our friend, pointed out how there has been a call for new blood in politics for some time now. It looks like we are going to get it, even if not in the way we expected. The next round of elections are going to be very interesting and who knows how that will impact the national political scene.

One thing about it, all this has taken some of the heat off of Trump, no matter how hard the dems and the media try to refocus public attention on it.

Until later!

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