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Summer is supposed to be the time when we get to slow down, have some time off to rest and recharge. At least that’s what it used to be, back when I worked a regular 9 to 5 job. Nowadays, not so much. Even on those days when I’m “off”, the brain is still working, figuring out the latest problem with a story idea or coming up with new story ideas. Like so many who make their living from writing, the writer’s brain never seems to turn off, Then there are the usual distractions of working from home. The dog who wants out, the cats who want to be loved — or left alone or played with or whatever. They’re cats. There’s more and I discussed it the other day at Mad Genius Club.  As a result, blogging often gets the short shrift, no matter how good my intentions.

Yesterday, I blogged over at Victory Girls. (Yes, that counts as writing. At least I tell myself it does.) I’m still shaking my head over the way the two main political parties are trying to spin the primaries and special elections held on Tuesday. There was no Blue Wave. Nor was there a Red Crush. What there was were example after example of the DNC — and, in some cases, the RNC — spending a great deal of money to influence an election without getting out the number of voters they hoped for. There has also been the usual spin by the media, doing its best to make it seem like the Republicans are in very big trouble in the upcoming midterm election. Oh how I wish reporters would remember the real definition of what “reporting” happens to be. Even if they remember it, they ignore it. After all, they love being part of the news and shaping the news much more than simply reporting on the news.

Moving on. I want to recommend another post over at Victory Girls. My fellow blogger, Marta Hernandez, wrote a great piece on Forrest McDonald’s Alexander Hamilton.  It is part of a new series of posts VG will be doing that feature book reviews and commentaries. Marta will have another post on the book next Wednesday and there are several others books being reviewed by others members of the blog already scheduled.

And that brings up a new feature I’m going to be doing here on this blog. One of the things I’ve worked hard of late to do is take time to read. I tend to put my reading habit aside when I write. The problem with that is I go from one writing project to another with little time in-between. So I sat down a couple of weeks ago and realized I hadn’t been reading for enjoyment in much too long. That has changed. I’m now back in the habit of reading every day. It might only be a few minutes most days, but it is reading and I am feeling better for it. I learned long ago, reading doesn’t impact my writing — at least not as long as I don’t read the genre/sub-genre I’m currently writing in.

Each weekend, I’m going to list the books I’ve either read or am reading and link you to them. There will be commentary on some, although not the in-depth sort that I do for my posts at According to Hoyt.

In the meantime, here are several pictures that are acting as inspiration for some of my current and soon-to-be-current works in progress.

space corridor

ship over city


old home

And now it is time for me to get to work. Until later!


  1. Yes– I am going back to my reading habit. I was finding writing a chore… I needed some reading time to realize that it is all fun. Enjoy your day.

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