Working through injury

I’ve been silent here the last few weeks after having torn up my shoulder. I won’t go into details other than to say my keyboarding time is still restricted. But at least the arm is no longer immobilized and I can drive. The problem is I hadn’t planned on an enforced vacation of sorts and it’s put me behind. So January has gotten off to a slow start and my butt is going to get very tired of being in the writing chair as I get back up to speed.

The one thing the time away from the keyboard has done is let me look at my backlog of stories and see what can be done quickly and put up between books this year. I posted a tentative schedule of sorts over at MGC a week or two ago. Here it is–with some slight (or not so slight) changes:

  • Jan:
    • Be Careful What You Wish For (short story)
    • Nocturnal Haunts updated edition (this will not be a “release” since the novella is already on sale. I will update the file, bringing it closer to canon.)
  • Feb: Stalking the Cat (working title) short story/novella set in the Nocturnal Lives universe. This will complete the story arc bridging Nocturnal Lives with the Nocturnal Awakening story arc.
  • Mar: Foil of the Gods (working title), Book 3 in Sword of the Gods series
  • April: Blood Stripe, an Honor & Duty short story/novella
  • May: Magic Rising (Eerie Side of the Tracks book 5)
  • June: Free Surprise in Every Box, short story
  • July: Reprisal from Ashes (Honor & Duty series #7)
  • Aug: Bump in the Night, short story
  • Sept: Cat’s Blood (working title) Nocturnal Awakenings novel/novella #1
  • Oct: Demonsbane
  • Nov: Eerie Side of the Creek holiday novella
  • Dec: unnamed project

In other words, it is going to be a busy year. Now, some of the titles have already been written, at least in draft form. The short stories are already done and just need some editing. Several of the novels/novellas have been drafted and need a final push before they go off to beta readers. But there are several that are still only in the idea phase right now.

Kind of related, my ReMarkable tablet is due to arrive Thursday. I can’t wait. I rediscovered the need to use pen and paper to work through some problems during my time away from the keyboard. The ReMarkable is an e-ink tablet that will allow me to “write” and will convert my work to text which I can then export into a word file. Once I’ve got it in hand and have a chance to play with it some, I’ll let you know what I think.

What else? Coffee.

I need coffee.

Idiot dog decided it would be awesome to get me up before 0400 this morning. I figure I’ll be crashing soon, especially since I’m out of Death Wish coffee.

Until later.



    1. I have a subscription through Amazon. Ran out and they just notified me it isn’t in stock. So. . . ordering directly from DW. As for Black Rifle, yep. Love it. This was just one of those days when I had good coffee, just not great coffee in the cupboard.

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