When doubt sets in

This morning, I find myself suffering a doubts about the current work-in-progress. This isn’t unique to me. I don’t know a single writer who hasn’t wondered if they are working on the right project or focusing on the right plot point, etc.. The issue, for me, is that the doubt has brought the writing to an abrupt halt. I have to sit back, look at the project and try to figure out why I’m suddenly doubting a novel that had been rocking along until today.

Usually, when this happens, it’s my subconscious telling me I took a wrong turn somewhere — or I’m about to. If I don’t figure out where it happened, I’ll wind up writing myself in a corner. However, sometimes it is something totally different. It is very possible this is a response to the knee injury and the fact I am having a difficult time concentrating. It could be Myrtle the Evil Muse is about to ambush me with a completely new project. It could be, as has happened before, another story I’ve back burnered has decided it wants to be written NOW!

Whatever the explanation, it pisses the hell out of me, to put it bluntly. So, I think I’m going to do a little reading for enjoyment and then I’ll take another look at what I’ve been working on.

In the meantime, suggest some good books for me to read. I want to be entertained!


  1. Self-doubt sucks. Unfortunately, as you say, sometimes it’s a warning sign that demands attention. Good luck with that!

    As for entertainment: I’m reading “Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.” and it has been added to the list of books I’m not allowed to read in bed because the constant giggling disturbs the First Reader. It’s free on Kindle.

  2. I just had that happen with my latest WIP so I took a break and am going back to some old stories, polishing them, and putting them up. I think right now it needs the backburner until I find out what I did wrong. Or where the plot twist is…

    1. I figured it out. The book I was writing wasn’t the next one in the series sequence. There’s one that needs to come first. Once I figured that out, I realized what needs to happen in the other book/novella (not sure. I might be able to get away with a novella instead of a full-fledged novel). Then the novel I’ve been working on will fit and it will quit fighting me. Sigh. There are times I hate series.

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