What a week it’s been

It’s Thursday morning and feels like it should be a week later than it is. Release weeks are always long and emotionally draining. Add to that the current events locally and, well, the title of this post says it all. What week it’s been. I’m not exaggerating when I say I can’t wait for the week to be over and I hope the next one is a bit more “normal”.

It started with the hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel. The synagogue is only a few miles from where I live. To say folks around here watched and waited and prayed for a good resolution of things is putting it mildly. Now we are living with the fallout from it. Every day were are hit with new information about the perp, the investigation both locally and in England, and more. There are at least three homeless shelters that have found themselves under scrutiny by law enforcement agencies and the media after it was learned he stayed in their facilities before the events at CBI. There are still so many questions left unanswered. Questions like why British authorities didn’t have him on a watch list even though he’s been described by some of those same authorities as extremely dangerous. Then there’s the issue of how he managed to get around the DFW area for the 10 days or so he was here. And let’s not forget the question of how he got from New York to Dallas. The overriding question so many of us have right now is if he had help and, if so, did they know what he planned?

Add to that the ill-advised comment by the FBI SAC after the situation was resolved that this was not a targeted attack against the synagogue, Biden’s statement that the perp got the gun off the street or at a shelter (without anything to back it up) and others trying to politicize the situation and you have a lot of Texans wondering what they were smoking at the time.

Then there was the hunt for a roast. You know there’s something wrong when you live in Texas and you can’t find a frigging roast–standing, rump or chuck or something else–for dinner. I finally found some at the local Walmart Neighborhood Mart. Well, to be honest, I found what were euphemistically labelled as roasts at the local Kroger, but they were under two pounds each and cost close to $19 for what are recognized as the cheaper cuts. So nope. Not when I could buy steaks that were larger, better cuts and cheaper. At the Neighborhood Mart, I found four chuck roasts, two of which met my size and other requirements. I bought two of them, taking pity on the man next to me who I’d also seen at other stores looking for roasts. He grabbed up the other two.

As for the state of the rest of the store stocks. If you don’t mind not buying a particular name brand, pretty much everything is there. What I’m noticing are short stocked or missing altogether are cereals–every store’s shelves in the cereal section are sparse. Some stores have decreased the shelf space so it isn’t quite as apparent. Certain cereals are impossible to find right now. Part of that is due to the strike that just ended and part due to supply chain issues. Egg noodles are also another one that can be hard to find. You should have seen my mother’s face when I came home with a different brand than we have used forever. When I told her it was that or I go back to making my own noodles, she muttered I needed to do the latter. Which I will do, when I have the time.

Then there’s the release of Fire Striker. I really appreciate all the kind words I’ve received about the book. It would mean the world to me if you would leave a review or even just a star-rating for it. Those really help when it comes to picking up new sales.

Oh, and I can’t leave out Myrtle the Evil Muse. I mentioned yesterday that she hit me with a scene from an upcoming book in the Nocturnal Awakenings series. I made a few notes, as I planned on doing, and then sat down to get to work on Foil of the Gods (Sword of the Gods #3). Except she wouldn’t let me. She kept beating me over the proverbial head and shoulders with more and more about the book that hasn’t been scheduled and hasn’t even been considered. I finally gave up and spent part of the afternoon and last night making even more notes. it turned up I wrote close to 6k words of background, plot notes and more for it. At least this morning she seems to be sleeping in.

Now I need to get another cup of coffee, find socks because my feet are cold and get to work. Until later!

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