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The writer is cranky. There are good and bad sides to doing a pre-order just as there are good and bad sides to letting any site other than your own sell your book. I just smacked up against it–again–yesterday and spent several hours yesterday hopefully fixing the issue. But the damage was done and I got a mediocre review as a result. The review was warranted based on the file they downloaded. Hopefully, I’ve fixed the issues and have actually bought my own book to be sure–so let the cranky walk away for a moment while I do just that.

Okay, cranky writer isn’t quite as cranky–for the moment. It looks like the correct file is now the one available for downloading. So, if you’ve already bought Victory from Ashes (on Amazon), redownload it. Otherwise, you have the pre-release version. I know how it happened. Part my fault and part Amazon’s. I forgot you have to make sure the file names are different (apparently, more different than I thought) when you upload a new file.

So cranky writer is still cranky. A 3-star review isn’t going to kill me. It means the book is good but not great. But it still hurts because of why I got the review I did. I don’t blame the reviewer. It was one of those stupid things that happen. I should have checked better but frankly another of Amazon’s changes had me flummoxed and slowed the process down until I got frustrated. Plus, I’d checked the upload file.

I knew better. Been there done that sort of thing before. There is something about the Honor & Duty series that is cursed at times. Another book in the series wound up with the wrong file–as in wrong book–being associated with the product page. I know I uploaded the right file. I always download a copy of the file after I upload it. That was bad enough Amazon took the book off sale and it was three or four days of back and fourth before they fixed the issue and put it back on sale.

So I should have anticipated a problem when I discovered they’ve changed the way you can preview a file you’ve just uploaded. It used to be you could download an html file or a mobi file. I liked the latter because I could read it directly in the Kindle app and make sure nothing went wrong. The other format required the Kindle previewer app which has never worked right on any of my machines.

When I uploaded the final file for Victory from Ashes, I was surprised to see the option only for an html file requiring the preview app to be installed to view it on my laptop. So I groused. I downloaded the app. I installed it. Nothing happened. It didn’t open. Big surprise–not. This is what usually happened when I’d tried to use it before. Uninstalled and redownloaded. Re-installed. Tried again. It took half an hour of online research and several uninstalls and installs before I got it to work. By then, my frustration level was so high, it wasn’t funny.

But what Amazon doesn’t tell you is that file you just previewed might not be the one being sold. If the file name isn’t sufficiently different from the file already in their system, the automated system won’t recognize it as something new. So all that work you did is for naught. Lesson–and a hard one–learned by this cranky writer.

So, writers, learn from my experience. The ulcer I’ve been nursing the last 24 hours is big enough for all of us.

Oh, and buy the book, please. Leave a review. And for those who have already downloaded and read the problem version, my apologies. Please do a new download and check out the correct version. Thanks.

Victory from Ashes

War is hell. No battle plan survives the opening salvo. When the enemy is set on the total destruction of your homeworld, how far will you go to protect it and those you love?

This war has already cost Col. Ashlyn Shaw too much. She has lost friends and family to an enemy that doesn’t know the meaning of honor. Marines under her command have died doing their duty. Her enemies at home conspired and brought her up on charges, sending her and members of her command to the Tarsus military penal colony. But they didn’t win then and she won’t let them win now. She is a Marine, a Devil Dog, and they can’t take that away from her.

Ashlyn is determined to do all she can to protect her homeworld and end the war. She will lead her Marines against the enemy, knowing that if they fail, Fuercon will fall. But will it be enough and will those who have conspired behind the scenes to destroy her and all she stands for finally be brought to justice?

Duty and honor. Corps and family. That is what matters. It is all that matters.


  1. I just submitted a review to Amazon explaining the reason a reviewer gave only 3 stars. Hopefully Amazon will not reject it because it points out that Amazon accidentally uploaded the wrong file.

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