Vacation’s over.

Yep, you read that right. I took a vacation. Well, I took some time off and actually allowed myself time to relax and have fun. I hadn’t realized just how badly I needed it until it was almost over. But I’m back now, working on the final edits for Fire from Ashes. I’m recharged and excited about writing again. More than that, I can hardly wait for Fire to be released and see if you enjoy it as much as I do.

Even though this vacation was a staycation, made all the better because a good friend visited, it helped a great deal. I truly hadn’t understood just how stressed and tired I was. But taking time to do nothing but talk, eat, drink and visit places I hadn’t been for awhile helped a great deal. It also showed me I need to do this more often.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a snippet. In the meantime, you can check out my post at Mad Genius Club that came out yesterday. I talk more about taking time off and how important it can be to help recharge the creative batteries.

This morning, I have a new post up at Victory Girls. I’ll admit, I had fun poking at the likes of Chelsea Handler, Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of their Hollywood ilk who use their celebrity status without taking time to research their stances or even read the articles they link.

For now, I need to get to work. As wonderful as vacation was, it’s good to be back — to writing and to blogging.

I guess I ought to do a bit of promo before signing off. So, have you ordered Fire from Ashes yet? If not, why don’t you take a virtual walk over to Amazon and click that pre-order button? I’d really appreciate it. DemonCat is eyeing my ankles like they might taste good. So please, help me keep the demonic one in kitty kibble. 🙂

At war with an old enemy, betrayed by a supposed ally, Fuercon is a system on the brink of disaster. All that stands between it and defeat are its Space Navy and Marines – and the fact the betrayer does not yet know its secret plans have been discovered. But will that be enough to turn the tide of war?

Honor and duty.

Honor and duty have guided Colonel Ashlyn Shaw’s life for as long as she can remember. Honor kept her sane when she was betrayed by those she had fought beside. Duty gave her reason to trust again once the betrayal came to light and her name, as well as the names of her fellow Devil Dogs, was cleared. Now she and the Marines under her command are once again asked to risk their lives to protect Fuercon from its enemies.

Family and the Corps.

They are why she fights. She knows what will happen to them should Fuercon fall to the Callusians. Their lives are worth any sacrifice she must make to help keep their homeworld safe.


The not-so-secret driving force of Ashlyn’s life. Four years ago, someone betrayed her and her command. That person now works to betray Fuercon. Ashlyn is determined to discover who – and why – and bring them to justice.

The storm clouds of war gather and time is running out. Will Ashlyn and the Devil Dogs be able to turn back the enemy and unmask the betrayer before all is lost?

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