Updated Wide Release Schedule

Here’s the general release schedule for the first round of books going wide. They will be moving from exclusive Amazon releases to being available on a number of other sites including Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo (probably). The general plan is to take series live once the first book in each series ages off KDP Select. Below are the approximate release dates. (Approximate because I want to make sure they have been removed from KU before letting them out into the wild.)

  • Taking Flight, Battle Bound, and Battle Wounds (Honor & Duty short stories)–end of May, first week of June
  • Witchfire Burning (Eerie Side of the Tracks, book 1)–middle to late June (although I may hold it back until Slay Bells Ring releases wide.)
  • Hunted (Stalker’s Moon, book 1)–mid to late June
  • Nocturnal Origins (Nocturnal Lives, book 1)–First week of July
  • Sword of Arelion (Sword of the Gods, book 1)–First week of July
  • Slay Bells Ring (Eerie Side of the Tracks companion novel)–Last week of July
  • Vengeance from Ashes (Honor & Duty, book 1)–First week of August
  • Wedding Bell Blues–First week of August

Once the first book of the series goes live, the rest of the series will be released in order as they age off of KDP Select.

One last quick note. I have been remiss on two titles/series. The first is Skeletons in the Closet. For those not familiar with it, Skeletons is a novella set in the Eerie Side of the Tracks universe. When I first wrote it, I had plans to write several other short stories or novellas following the main character. Then the other books and a new story arc took over. Skeletons ages off of KDP Select early July. By the time it does, I will have expanded the current novella, filling it out and including the information that would have come in the later titles. I’ve looked at it long and hard and with the way the current story arc for the series is going, my original plans no longer fit. But, there’s something coming down the pike, so to speak, that needs to be foreshadowed in Skeletons. The wide releases will be the new version and I will update the Amazon version to match. Here’s the working draft of the new cover for the book. It is still a work in progress, so changes will possibly–probably–be made before release.

The second title/series I’ve been remiss about is Sword of the Gods. I have a rough draft, very rough, for the third book. But before I sit down to turn that draft into something publishable, I need to take a week or two to re-read the first two books in the series and take notes for continuity. So I’m bumping the third and final book down until the end of the year or the first of next year. You guys have waited patiently–okay, not so patiently for some of you–so I want to make sure you get the best book possible.

For now, it’s time to find my second cup of coffee and get to work. Until later!

Featured Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay


  1. Regarding Apple iBooks releases: will they be DRM free or will Apple put DRM into them? I use MapleRead SE to read ePubs as I’ve had major problems with Apple’s iBooks applications. Since Apple was putting DRM on books to lock them to iBooks applications, I can’t buy books from them. So I’ve been buying Kindle books and converting them from Mobi format to ePub so I can read them in MapleRead SE. If your books are DRM free ePub in the Apple iBooks store, I could buy them there and not have to go through converting them.

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure. My guess is Apple being Apple will apply their own DRM. I will look into it and if they insist on DRM, I’ll try to find out which of the other stores using ePub sell without it and will post that in an update.

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