Update to question about “verified purchase” for Amazon review purposes

I just received the following response to my question about whether those who download a book through the Kindle Unlimited program would be listed as a “verified purchase” for review purposes.


I hope this email finds you well!

I see you’d like to know if KOLL/KU sales are allowed to leave reviews.

Yes, basically, all readers that bought your book from Amazon will be considered as verified purchases and will be allowed to leave reviews regardless if it’s a regular sale or a KOLL/KU sale.

I hope you find this helpful. Have a great day!!!

Thank you for using KDP.

Andrey A.

My exact question was:

Subject: What qualifies as a verified purchase?

Do books borrowed/downloaded under the KU program count for review purposes as verified purchases?

So, as I expected, the question wasn’t answered. I have clarified exactly what I was asking — after noting that they had not answered my question. If I don’t have a response back by morning, I shall be calling to see what they have to say. I’ll update then.

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  1. Stupid AI is stupid….

    Of course, they may not have finished making sure the “pay the author for the work” program is playing nicely with the “mark a review as verified” program and it will be “verified” at that stage, but right now it’s anybody who’s borrowed the book at all.

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