TX Democrats Make It Hard To Steer Clear of Politics

Democrats fled Austin

I’ve been trying. Really I have. I don’t want to turn this blog into anything close to resembling a political blog. I have other outlets for that if I want to take that route. But it is really difficult this morning when local news is filled with stories about how TX Democrats are looking at their options for the next legislative session. These are the same Dems who applauded their State House counterparts for running away to DC, preventing any real work from getting down in the current special session, the same Dems costing the state tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

If I wrote what was happening in a work of fiction, no one would buy it. At least not unless I made it into a farce or satire. Self-important pols who refuse to do the work they were elected for and instead flee to another jurisdiction far from home to avoid being hauled back to work. Then these same self-important pols take photos showing them flaunting the rules they demanded be put in place for the normal folk who elected them, who swear to stay away until the governor bends to their demand and who then fall victim to the virus they’ve held the rest of us hostage to.

And how the hell are we supposed to take any of them seriously when they talk about the next legislative session when we’ve watched them run away and promise to stay away as long as the Governor and those evil Republicans won’t give in to their every demand?

I don’t approve of any politician who takes this coward’s way out of performing his or her duties–duties they were elected to do.

It is all too often these days that politicians of every ilk forget the pledges they made to get elected. But running away to avoid that duty is something else. Doing it and flaunting the rules they demand the rest of us abide by makes it worse. But pushing it over the top of the “get these idiots out of office sooner, rather than later” is the fact many of them are still collecting their salaries and per diems while in DC. Tell me, what are they doing to perform their duties as legislators?

Hmmm, some of them are recovering from Covid–something they were diagnosed with after arriving in DC. Now the suspicious part of me wonders if they really do have the virus or if they are using this as an excuse not to return home. I’d by this if the rest of the group started returning home by now but they haven’t.

Then there’s the cynic in me who doesn’t buy their argument that each and every one of them is “working” while there. Bull shit. We have a special session that is where their “work” is, and it is some place where they aren’t.

So tell me again why any of us down here in the Lone Star State should care about what any of these Dems or those in the state Senate who support them want to see happen in the next legislative session. They’ve proven they don’t give a damn about this state or its financial well-being. If they were really concerned about voter rights, they’d be here putting their arguments on the record, trying to work out a better bill with their GOP counterparts and working their districts and neighboring districts to vote out anyone who didn’t back what they saw as the right bills.

But nooooo. They wanted that photo op with San Fran Nancy and others in DC. They wanted that paid vacation on the taxpayers’ dime. As I said the last time I wrote about this here, how would they feel if one of their employees–or all of them–took a page out of their book and walked out but claimed they were still working and deserved to be paid and collect all their employment benefits?

And what about their staff members? These same staff members who will not be paid in the very near future because their bosses are off in DC playing with the “big boys and girls” instead of getting work done here. Because there is much more on the docket for this special session than just the voting rights legislation. One very important part was reinstating the financing for these support staff, etc., funding that was cut off through the Governor’s line item veto when the Dems walked out of the regular session before it ended.

Not that these asshats care. They’re still getting their money. They are still being funded by Soros or others like him. So what does it matter if their staffs and other groups don’t get money for a few weeks or months–or ever?

But we’re supposed to care about what they want to see happen in the next legislative session.

My question to them is why? Why should we care when they have proven they don’t care about us or the state? Why should we care when they’ve proven they are no more mature than a spoiled toddler, ready to “run away” when they can’t have their way.

Here’s my suggestion to those same Dems and their supporters. Do Texas a favor. Do your constituents a favor. If you don’t want to come home and do your jobs, then don’t. But resign and let your districts hold special elections for those who will work for the best interests of their districts and for the state. You are supposed to be public “servants” not our rulers. In fact, right now you look a great deal like poor versions of the Emperor parading around in your new clothes–you’ve let your asses hang out in public and it’s not pretty. We don’t want to see them. Cover up. Close the door. Get dressed and go to work or step aside and let someone willing to do the job get to it.

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  1. Texas needs a way to fire these idiots. I don’t agree when any party does this– If they don’t want to work, then they don’t get paid… full stop. They are getting paid while they are gallivanting around the country… so I don;t have any “f-ks” to give them.

    1. Totally agree. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them right now is via recall. Which I can see happening with some of them if this goes on much longer, especially if it goes into the next special session.

    1. Yeah. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or how about letting them stay the 30 days of the special session and then saying they gave up residency so they no longer qualify for office?

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