Tuesday Morning Update

Just a quick post this morning. I got one major item off my to-do list yesterday. I finished inputting my editorial notes on a friend’s novel and I can’t wait until there’s a release date for it and I can tell you all about it. This book is one of the rarities, especially right now when my attention is so scattered. It pulled me in and held my attention to the point I kept forgetting to read critically. It is that good.

I also got some other “housekeeping” items out of the way. That means today I can sit down and concentrate on Rogue’s Magic. If all goes according to plan–knock on wood–the book should be in the hands of the final round of beta readers in a week or so. Then it is making sure they have no major concerns about it. If they don’t, then it will go up for pre-order. I’ll have a final publication date announced probably by the end of this week.

I promised yesterday that I’d be back with a snippet and an announcement about what the next book will be. Well, I’m 12 hours or so late and the snippet is going to have to wait until probably tomorrow morning. But here’s the schedule I’m going to try to follow the rest of this year:

  • Untitled short story for an anthology that I have to write asap
  • Victory from Ashes, the next book in the Honor & Duty series
  • Prey (updated and retitled, originally released as Hunter’s Home).
  • Night Magic (the next in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series after Rogue’s Magic)

You;ll notice two titles are missing from what I announced some time ago. The first is the final book in the Sword of the Gods series. I do still plan to release Book 3 but I need to consider the best way to do it. The first two books have been out far longer than they should have without a sequel. Because of that, I need to drum up interest in the series again. The question is the best way to do it.

The other title missing is the next in the continue saga of Mac Santos and company. I do plan to return to her world. But, when I do, I want to have a solid plan in place and, right now, Myrtle the Evil Muse is bouncing all over when it comes to Mac. One day she is tossing ideas at me for stories that take place not long after Nocturnal Prey. The next day, she’s jumped ahead some 20 years or so and the next generation is center stage. To say my muse is sending mixed signals is putting it mildly.

Of course, she is called Myrtle the Evil Muse for a reason.

I will get back to both series but each need some considered thought put in before I do.

In the meantime, I have a new post up at Mad Genius Club this morning. Check it out here.

Finally, since I don’t have a new teaser ready, here’s the one from last week.


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