Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Just a quick post this morning. Hopefully, I’ll be back later today with a snippet from Fire from Ashes.

First off, I have a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning. Go check it out.

Second, I am really ready for Mother Nature to quit with her inability to decide what season it is. We started the day yesterday with the heater on. By afternoon, the AC had been turned on. This morning, it’s too cool to open the windows (for Mom at least) but not warm enough to set off the AC. So the house is stuffy. At least we aren’t getting snow down here or the two feet plus of rain Hawaii got yesterday.

On the writing front, I finally had a breakthrough yesterday on my problems with the opening of Fire. Those of you who have followed this blog for long know beginnings of a project always drive me crazy. It isn’t unusual for me to rewrite the opening chapter or two before publication. In this case, I didn’t need a full rewrite. What I had simply needed to be tweaked a little. Of course, it took my alpha readers beating me about the head and shoulders to get me to see it.

This is why it’s important to have at least one or two people you trust, and who know your genre, to act as sounding boards and honest critics. I have always been my own worst critic, as are most writers. The insidious whispers of doubt are always there and, at times, are difficult to overcome. That is where those trusted readers come in handy.

For now, I had best find more coffee and then get to work.

Until later!


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  1. I know I’m in The North compared to many, but this Winter thing is dragging on. Mid-April is looking far too much like mid-January or February and another snowstorm is in the forecast. It has been my custom to cap off dealing with shovel & snowblower with some Snoe Shoe (not a typo). I’d let the premixed run out and mixed my own this last time. $HOUSEMATE has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that we are NEVER to run out that again, lest the absence taunt Murphy et. al. A supply has been laid in.

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