Time to Buckle Down

Yesterday, I sat down and did my periodic review of life and career. The former carries with it some challenges I can, at best, simply continue to fight against. But that’s life. As for the latter, well, that’s just a matter of sitting butt in chair and buckling down. So buckle down I did and I figured out publication order for the next 12 months or so and did some tweaking on cover mock-ups as well as making draft covers for other books. So, without further adieu, here are the covers and publication dates.


This is the next book, the unplanned book, in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series. Publication date will be June 16th.

Victory from Ashes

This is the final book in the current story arc for Ashlyn Shaw and company. It will be out on August 25th.

Cat's Paw, Nocturnal Awakenings

This starts the new story arc for Mac Santos in a world where Shifters are suddenly “out” and normals are wondering what other sorts of “monsters” live among them. Publication date is October 27th.

Sword of Arelion 3

The much delayed final book in the Sword of the Gods series will go live on Jan. 12, 2021.

Night Shadows

The next to the last entry in the current story arc of the Eerie Side of the Tracks series. Publication date is March 16, 2021. (Tentative and could be moved back several weeks.)


Start of a new series. No publication date yet because I will probably slide an Ashlyn Shaw and company book here, starting the new story arc. I’m not slotting it yet because I only have a faint idea of what the plot will be and no title or cover. But this is my life for the next year or so.

What do you guys think? Can I do it?


    1. It’s coming. I’ll probably slot it in after Rogue’s Magic. There’s a continuity issue I need to deal with and I have to fight against the evil muse wanting to write a new book in the series.

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