The “Experts” Were Out In Force Yesterday

Like so many others yesterday morning, I watched in disbelief the videos of the container ship running into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. I waited, praying for good news, for information about casualties in the bridge collapse. I felt relief to learn calls to block traffic to the bridge before the impact, a move that undoubtedly saved lives. My thoughts went to the families of the members of the repair crew working on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Then I fumed as the conspiracy theories, the internet “experts”, and more came out of the woodwork to prove they knew more than anyone else about what happened.

I expected the conspiracy theories. They’ve become a way of life for decades. Some think it started with 9/11, but it goes back much further. I remember the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK. Then there are the conspiracy theories around the alleged government cover-up about UFOs coming to the Earth. There are so many more.

And, sure enough, they didn’t waste any time showing up yesterday. I think the one that sent me over the edge was one I saw mentioned on FB–and laughed at by the person who mentioned it–where the conspiracist said the flashing lights seen on the bridge just before the collapse weren’t flashing lights from cars or work trucks–remember that work crew I mentioned?–but from dynamite charges going off. Forget the very large, fully loaded ship that just rammed the bridge support.

There were other theories as well. One of my “favorites” is that terrorists took over the barge and were doing the ship version of the 9/11 crashing of jets into buildings. The only problem with this is that, from what I’ve heard, the ship actually issued a warning that they were having problems. Terrorists don’t tend to warn their targets.

Others looked at the registry of the ship and said that showed it was a targeted action. Yeah, no. Unless the targeted action was registering the ship in a country with lower requirements for ships (re: maintenance, etc.) than we have here in the US. So try again, bucko.

There are other theories, but you get what I mean. Honestly, these theories belong in the same file (file 13) as the theories that surrounded Princes Kate. All buzzing without substance simply because some folks have to have a say about just about anything, whether they have knowledge of the topic or not.

I am old enough to know most of the time when a disaster strikes, there is no quick, simple answer as to why or how. We can speculate. We do speculate. But what good does it do except to muddy the waters? That doesn’t mean we don’t ask questions. What it does mean to think before speaking.

Do you really have the knowledge needed to make educated suppositions about what might have happened or are you just letting your own need to point a finger and place blame take over? Did you spend the time to really analyze the video evidence (if there is some) and did you do more than just slow it down and look at it from one angle? Did you go into it with a preconceived notion and fail to set that preconception aside to logically and clear mindedly look at the evidence? Or did you climb onto the internet and start flogging your favorite conspiracy theory?

Frankly, I don’t have time to do all the ranting and raving all over social media. I’ve already spent too much time on this topic with just this post. So I will end it with this:

I pray for the families of the six people presumed lost in the collapse. I pray for the city of Baltimore because this will have a long-lasting economic impact on it. I pray for those who work at and around the port because they will be impacted as well as the clean-up, repair and rebuilding proceeds. I pray for this country because the collapse of the bridge and the subsequent work to clear away the debris and rebuild the bridge will have a lasting impact on our supply chain. I also pray for every company and country that uses the port for the same reason.

Until later.

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    1. Yep, and probably some going back even further. But the advent of mass media, radio and television has made these theories so much “more”–easier to form, easier to spread, easier to p*ss me off.

  1. The members of the bridge crew were immigrants trying to earn enough to bring their families to these United States. I wonder how (or if) the families will be notified.

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