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Yesterday, my friend Nicki linked to an online “letter of resignation” by Jacob Dorman. You see, Dorman was so very upset and worried and traumatize (my words) by the fact that KU was going to allow concealed carry on campus that he was ending his employment with them. That’s his right. His reasoning, however, had me rolling my eyes and laughing out loud. You see, he’s apparently convinced that allowing concealed carry on campus will cause more problems than it will solve and crime will escalate as a result.


First of all, he completely ignores the deterrent factor concealed carry has. Sure, there are instances where it hasn’t worked but there are also instances where it has. Just last week, it worked in Arlington, TX. Okay, not in a classroom but in a restaurant. A man walked in, started causing a commotion and, when the manager tried to get him to calm down, he murdered the manager. A customer, who was carrying concealed, pulled his gun and shot the perp. It was later learned the perp had come armed with two guns and two knives. How many lives did that customer save and all because he was carrying concealed?

There’s another argument Dorman and those like him fail to take into account. When you have signs posted all over saying a school — or church or anywhere else — is a gun-free zone, you are simply telling those who are inclined to cause harm that they can do so in that location without fear of someone having the means to stop them. Take away that safety — safety for them and not for those going to school there — and you have a deterrent in place because the perp won’t know who might pull a gun and defend herself and others present.

The other thing Dorman and others like him fail to consider is we have no way of knowing how often this is what’s happened. After all, most potential murderers don’t walk into the police station or call a reporter to say, “Gee, you know, I was going to go into John Doe Elementary School and shoot the place up but decided not to because the teachers can carry concealed.”

But, as you read the Dorman’s “resignation”, you see the real issue. He points out that, because Kansas is a small state, it has to recruit from out-of-state and all those wonderful liberal profs who don’t believe in guns won’t want to come to KU because — gasp — someone might actually have one. Gasp!

All I can say is that all my relatives who went to KU and were proud grads are shaking their heads — and in a few cases, rolling in their graves — and saying “good riddance”. The fact that Dorman has already secured employment at an out-of-state college shows he had to have been looking long before he submitted his outraged letter. Frankly, his histrionics reminds me of a few of the professors at the University of Texas last year when our state legislature voted to allow concealed carry on our college campuses. Yes, there are ways for the colleges to opt out — just as there are in Kansas (at least I assume there are in KS). But these poor darlings were so traumatized by the possibility someone might LEGALLY carry a weapon, they had to leave the university.

Hey, guys, here’s a little truth for you. Most of those who decide they want to shoot up a classroom don’t worry about if they have the legal right to carry their weapons. However, how many of them will think twice if they know someone else might also be carrying a weapon, someone willing to use it to keep them from hurting anyone?

See what Nicki had to say about this over at the Liberty Zone. She’s linked to some data that puts the lie to some of Dorman’s allegations. Check it out.


  1. Chuckle Chuckle

    Back when Mom was in the nursing home every time I visited, I noticed the “No Guns Allowed” sign.

    I once commented to some people who worked there (they knew me) that the sign wouldn’t stop an asshole who would use a gun on the people there.

    They agreed with me. 😉

    1. That doesn’t surprise me at all. When Panera opened a new shop not far from my house, the “gun-free zone” signs went up immediately. Then went down almost as quickly when they realized how much business they suddenly lost. Funny that.

  2. The part of the story about the knife wielding nutjob down here on UT’s campus they’ve left out – a concealed carry student saw the attack, got his gun out and the guy bolted into the arms of the cops.

    But hey, can’t admit they were wrong about carry on campus, can they?

  3. This is an old post, but I just found you today. You’re spot on, of course!

    I followed the link to Dorman’s letter of resignation. He’s responding to comments there. One asked for his data to back up his fear that students would start shooting up classrooms over comments made in class. He supplied nothing.

    As my contact information that I’m willing to provide does not fall within what that site will accept, I’ll share my message to the prof here. I would have replied to Dorman’s reply to Jim Smith, which went up “12 days ago” (May 8th, I calculate):

    Prof, the only real difference is that now folks can pack a piece legally. If you truly believe it’s possible to figure out who is packing, you’re better off in Kansas, as before the law, you had no idea if anyone was armed. Worse, if they were armed, it meant they had no respect for the law and would seem more likely to go off. At your new gig, you are just as likely to get shot by a student who gets mad at you now; it’s just less likely that anyone will be able to defend you or the rest of the class from the illegal carrier.

    1. Excellent response and it goes right to the fault in the argument those opposing either open or concealed carry make. They assume those with evil intent will follow the law. Talk about head-in-sand attitudes.

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