That sound you heard

was me beating my head against the wall yesterday. After all the headaches and delays in getting the print version of Battle Flight out, I thought everything was taken care of. The print version was finally available. Sales for the digital version were looking good. Then I opened my email and found a very nice note from a reader in Germany letting me know that the interior of the e-book version for Battle Flight wasn’t Battle Flight but another book in the series.


I raced to the Germany Amazon site and checked. Sure enough, it wasn’t Battle Flight. I checked Amazon itself. Nope. Not Battle Flight. Right cover but wrong book. I didn’t wait to have tach support deal with the issue. I re-uploaded the file. Making sure I’d sent the right one. Yep, I had. Then I checked the file once uploaded. It was correct. Maybe the problem was solved. At least I hoped so.

Next I checked the print version. After all, I’d uploaded a new file for the e-book version at the same time I uploaded the print version. If it was wrong, I was screwed. But no, it was the right file. So what in the hell happened?

I still don’t know. I know I uploaded the right file. I have the downloaded file after Amazon accepted it for the e-book. So some glitch had to happen on Amazon’s side. It’s fixed now but, yes, I’m checking every day for awhile to make sure nothing else happens.

I guess this is a roundabout way of saying to check your files if you’re a writer and to update your e-books if you are a reader. (You can do this by going to “manage your device and content” under the account tab on Amazon. E-books that have been updated will note an update is available. All you have to do is re-download them.)

I did contact KDP tech support after the fact and they said to let them know if there was any problem after the new file was approved on their end–which they did in record time. So I do appreciate that. But, damn, it is a scary thing when a book is freshly released to find out something like this happened. All is well now and it is on to the next project. Assuming I find enough coffee to kickstart my brain.

Until later.


  1. I hate when that happens and have no idea why Amazon glitches like that. I have to say I love your work, all three of you. I was disappointed when I couldn’t find you on fantasticfictions website. I hope you can get yourself added.
    One last bit that has to do with another series of your’s “Sword of the God’s”. I am really looking forward to reading book three but have to say it appears book two got a computer edit but not an eyeball edit. Words are correctly spelled but are not always correctly placed. I realize time plays a factor in edits and normally your books are well edited so if you need another beta reader I would happily help out.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I’ll look at fantasticfiction and see what needs to be done. And, as for Dagger, it did have an eye ball editor–one I am no longer using. When I get to the next book later this year, I’ll be going over both previous books to make any changes that are needed. As for beta readers, I’ll put out a call when I’m ready for it.

  2. Loved Battle Flight…however…re-read entire series…lots of mix up regarding Ash’s last name: Shaw/Santos, as well as a lot of his/her goofs. Would like next project to either be continuation of Vengeance Series or Next Santos novel. Perhaps the Schoolteacher/Ocelot had to leave town ahead of a lynch mob and moves in on Santos’ Street?

    1. Make sure you have the latest versions downloaded. That said, I am doing one last go through of them all as I prepare for the next book coming out in the Honor & Duty series.

    1. Not sure who unless it is one of the TX diners. Maybe Dot and Peter if they’re there. I could arrange a pick up from them, I’m sure.

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