Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who preordered or purchased Fire Striker. You made the release day more successful than I anticipated. You guys rock and I couldn’t do this without you.

Now I have a favor to ask. Don’t worry. It won’t take any time at all. Would you please go to the storefront where you purchased Fire Striker and leave a review? If not a review, just leave a rating. Here’s the thing. Those ratings and reviews help draw in new readers. They are bright, shining indications that other readers like them liked the book and would recommend it. And that, friends, is how we get new sales and new readers.

In other news, Myrtle the Evil Muse woke me at 0’dark 30 this morning with a full-blown scene from an upcoming book in the Nocturnal Awakenings series. No, not the one already on the schedule but another one. While I wouldn’t normally appreciate 1) being awakened at 0’dark 30 for any reason and 2) MtEM playing this game because it usually means she wants to screw with my publishing schedule, that’s not the case this time. I’d been at a quandary about where the new series was going. This one scene answered that question. So, as soon as I finish here, I’m off to make a few notes so I don’t forget it. Then it will be filed away until I’m ready to write the book.

And, yes, I’m excited to get to it.

But back now to Fire Striker and the rest of the series. Here are the tentative names for the final two books in the series: Fire’s Fury and Scorched Earth. Below is the draft for the cover for Fire’s Fury. The one for Scorched Earth is still in the hopper–in other words, I’m still figuring out what I what it to be. Needless to say, Fury’s cover is a draft and will be tweaked and quite possibly changed between now and when the book is available.


  1. Am I crazy for thinking that we’ve meet (in Fire Striker) Morgan’s “future love interest”?

    Yes, I know she has trust issues (for good reasons) and other issues that would stand in the way.

    But I have to wonder (and no I don’t expect you to say anything if I’m correct). 😉

    1. No answer because I don’t have one. I’m not sure there will such an “interest” in the series. She hasn’t let me know yet. Remember, my muse is evil. . .as you would know if you could see the plot notes I just filed away for an upcoming Mac story.

  2. And thank you young lady for yet another most excellent read.
    Only about half way through so far, but I’m very much taken with the character and the story line.
    May have spotted the occasional typo, but nothing egregious or that took away from the flow of the narrative. But you know me.

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