Switching Gears

Finishing one book and starting a new is always a challenge. At least it is for me. My brain–not to mention Myrtle the Evil Muse–is still steeped in the just completed project. That’s pretty much why A Magical Portent is coming out so close to Rogue’s Magic. It wasn’t planned that way. It’s just what the muse and the brain demanded. They weren’t ready to change gears to another series and another character’s voice.

But now I’m at that point–again. A Magical Portent has been put to bed, pending final editorial comments. So now it’s time to turn my full attention to Cat’s Paw. I’m both excited and nervous about this book. The rough draft is done. Now comes the hard part of making sure it all works and that it is in Mac’s voice. As for the book itself, it follows Nocturnal Prey chonologically. But it is really the start of what will be the new story arc in the Nocturnal Lives universe.

Life for Mac Santos, not to mention her friends and family, has changed. Five years or so have passed since the last full-length novel. The world now knows shapeshifters exist. Despite everything the shifters have done to show they aren’t a danger, there are those who would feel a great deal better if shifters were tagged and  caged. Or, better yet to their way of thinking, put down like rabid animals.

Then there’s the question, a reasonable one, of what other “monsters” exist.

As for Mac, her life has grown more complicated in the time since they came out of the proverbial closet. She will always, deep in her heart, be a cop. But that’s only part of who she is. She is also a mother, the female alpha of the local pride, a member of the Tribunal that rules their kind. If that’s not enough, there’s her position as “liaison” between the police department and Homeland Security, a role that often takes her away from home and hearth.

Add to all that the return of an enemy from her past, one who carries a very big grudge against her. Crime hasn’t stopped either and she has to find a way to stop the monster–who may or may not be human–before they find another college-aged victim.

To say Mac’s at a crossroads is putting it mildly. She feels like she is being torn in too many different directions and she isn’t sure what to do. It is against this background that she finds herself trying to figure out who and what she will be going forward.

Now to get back into Mac’s head–which shouldn’t be too difficult since she’s been talking to me for the last several months.

Cat’s Paw will be released Oct. 27th. Until then, look for A Magical Portent on Sept. 29th.

Featured Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


  1. But Amanda, you’re the writer so you know that vampires won’t show up.

    But the people inside your story universe don’t know that vampires are not going to show up. 😉

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