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phoenix and free speech

Here’s the promised update on the Substack site. It is live. Descriptions are being fine-tuned and subscription levels have been determined. Basically, all that’s left to decide are what days I’ll post and then I have to finish setting up the financial end so I can monetize the site. You know, all the fiddly stuff.

My initial thought is that I’ll do a public post every Monday. That lets me put it together over the weekend. This will cover some of what I do here, including updates on the current WIP, publishing schedules, etc. Like here, I may do an additional post (or include in the Monday post) any thoughts I might have on current events. But, like here, the Substack isn’t going to become political (much).

Fridays (probably) will be when I post paid content. This will include full scenes/chapters of the current WIP. Going forward, any snippets posted here or in public Substack posts will be shorter than that.

Subscribers who choose the annual or founding member levels will also get additional benefits. Annual subscribers will get a digital copy of each e-book published during the course of their subscription (that does not include reprints or re-releases). They will also get their choice of one autographed print edition of a title published that year (same caveats). The founding members will get the same e-book offer but will get eligible to receive two autographed print books (again, this will be fine-tuned before the subscriptions go live because I need to look at mailing costs, viability for overseas shipping, etc.)

Now, I am not abandoning this blog. It will still be my main blogging presence. But I’ll be honest. Monetizing a blog is not anywhere as easy as it is to do so on Substack. As I said in an earlier post, I’m a capitalist at heart. That means I want to be paid for my work and Substack will help me do that.

For now, I need to find more coffee and then some breakfast. Then it’s time to sit my butt down and get to work.

Please check out the Substack and spread the word. Until later.

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