Rogue’s Magic Teaser

Rogue’s Magic is the next installment in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series and will be coming out next month. Things are starting to get a little dicey in Mossy Creek, starting with their “rogue” coming home to knocks\ some heads and take some names. Trouble is brewing and Jax is going to do what she does best: protect her loved ones, no matter what.

I smiled and shook my head. She was the only one I let call me Jackie. It was too close to my given name, one I hated. My parents named me Jacqueline because they wanted the perfect little girl, one just like Jackie Kennedy, my mother’s idol. Let’s just say they got something very different and they have never forgiven me for it. They became masters at putting derision, disappointment and dislike into saying my name, letting me know they didn’t approve of whatever they viewed to be my latest transgression against them. Once I was old enough, I started calling myself Jack. That was no better because it simply pointed to Jack Kennedy, my father’s idol (mainly because Jack was a player, something daddy dearest wanted to be but he was too scared my mother would cut his balls off if he tried it). So Jack became Jax and I’ve gone by that ever since.

Jax is the rebel, the rogue. If you’re her friend, you know she will stand up for you, no matter what. Her return to Mossy Creek means nothing will ever be the same again.


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