Rogue Walker–WIP

Myrtle the Evil Muse hit me with this one from somewhere out in left field. This is a work-in-progress. It is also the first true “pantsing” I’ve done in years. I have no idea where this is going and that kind of worries me. I dislike not being the one in control. But, for now at least, The Evil Muse is merely using me as a means to access the keyboard.

Oh, she did say to remind everyone that all appropriate copyright laws apply.

Basic set-up: Twenty-five years before the story begins, the “Change” happened. Magical hot zones appeared all over the world. These hot zones include magical rifts that basically tore away the veil that allowed paranormal creatures and magic users to hide in plain sight. These Zones are now home to some of the more dangerous paranormals as well as those who do not wish to mingle with the “normal” population. There’s been an uneasy truce between the paras and the normals but that may be about to change. Someone or something launched attacks deep inside four of the North American Zones. It is up to Samantha Walker and her friends to figure out what’s going on before anymore people die.

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