Reveal time

Well, sort of.

Below are the mock-ups for the covers for the next two books in the Honor & Duty series. Both books, Betrayal from Ashes and Victory from Ashes, will be going up for pre-order shortly. As in Betrayal is being uploaded later today and then it is a waiting period to see how long until Amazon takes it live. Victory will go up for pre-order in fairly short order. Both books will be out before the end of the year.

These two books end the current story arc for series. The new story arc is already in development.

Anyway, here are the mock-ups.

victory mock-up

(and, yes, I know the volume number needs to be changed on the second image. VBG)

Oh, both books are written. Betrayal is out with the alpha reader right now and will go out to beta readers shortly. Once that is done, Victory will follow.


  1. What great timing! I’m just finishing my current summer reading selections and casting about for new material. Another installment in the Ashes series will work just fine.

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