A reminder, a link and trying a new theme

I’m a little late blogging this morning for several reasons. The first is I overslept. Now that Light Magic has been put to bed, my mind went into overdrive last night on a couple of upcoming projects. That meant I spent much of the night thinking about or dreaming about what to write next. Included is one project I haven’t announced here yet and hope to be able to very soon. As a result, once the brain slowed down enough to let me sleep peacefully, I not only did that but I slept deeply — at least until the cats decided I had been in bed more than long enough and it was time to get up NOW!So, for the reminder. Light Magic is available for pre-order. Have you ordered your copy yet? It will be released in print as well the beginning of next month.

When Meg Sheridan arrived in Mossy Creek, Texas, she had one goal in mind: to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Now, less than a month after burying her mother, all Meg knows about the town is that it has always been a haven for the Others, even before they made their existence known to the world. As an Other herself, that should reassure Meg. Instead, it raises more questions than it answers. More than that, she has one very large problem. She doesn’t know why her mother wanted her to come to Mossy Creek. Worse, she soon learns not everyone is willing to welcome her with open arms.

Faced with the daunting task of discovering not only why her mother sent her to Mossy Creek but also with uncovering why her mother fled there years before, Meg is determined to find the truth. Along the way, she discovers something else. Even in death, her mother is looking out for her – if Meg will let her.

And if she will accept the friendship and love of those who knew her mother all those years ago.

But danger awaits her as well. Secrets decades old and resentments going back generations seethe just below the surface. Do those secrets have anything to do with why Meg’s mother wanted her to come to town? Will discovering them help her understand why her mother fled Mossy Creek so long ago?

Or will they lead to something much more sinister. . . and deadly?

As for the link, I have a post going up at According to Hoyt later this morning. It is the next in the series I’ve been doing on Vladimir Lenin’s “The State and Revolution”. I think it is very important in this day and age to understand not only the originating documents of socialism and communism but how many of our politicians and social leaders rely on their precepts in an attempt to change what our country is. That is especially important when we have people calling for an open revolution simply because they don’t like our president and are so paranoid about what they are afraid he’ll do that they don’t see the reality of the situation.

As you can see, I’m trying out a new theme for the blog. I like the one I’d been using except for one thing — it didn’t preview enough of the text. Of course this one needs a new logo because I absolutely HATE the black box in the middle of the title section. We’ll see if I stick with it or go with something else. Yes, if I stick with this, I’ll need to adjust the featured images, but that is easily enough done.

For now, I need coffee and to get to work.

Oh, don’t forget to tell your friends about Light Magic. Thanks!.



  1. Silly me, I see that picture (two people (one with a spear)) and wonder what story it is for. 😀

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