Release Weeks Are Always Busy But. . .

This one has really been busy. In the last week–well, 9 days actually–I uploaded the final files for Jaguar Rising, including the print files. Waited for Amazon to approve them all (yay!) and started the final promo push for the book. Okay, I know, I suck at promo. But I’m trying to get better at it. I was also hit with a new story set in a new “universe” with all new characters that demanded I get the story down NOW! Then there were all the usual post-release things I need to get done, including but not limited to work around the house, in the yard and actually trying to find some time to relax. Now, four days after release day, life might finally be getting back to what I call “normal”.

(Looks around and knocks on wood, praying Myrtle the Evil Muse didn’t hear me say that.)

Again, many thanks to everyone who has bought Jaguar Rising. Even more thanks to those who have reviewed it or recommended it. You guys rock. I expect to have the next story out later this year.

Since Monday morning, I’ve written close to 25k words on the project that wasn’t supposed to happen. I have the full plot down on paper sans dialog and setting descriptions, etc. So that 25k will turn into probably three times that many words by the time I’m finished. That will come later.


Assuming Myrtle the Evil Muse lets me get back to work on Blood Stripe.

I also have a general idea what the next book in the new series will be. I’ll probably spend another few minutes over today or tomorrow getting those ideas down.

What else? Yard work is happening and that always helps the creative juices because it gives my mind time to wander. There have been and will be more appointments to take Mom to. She starts PT next week on her back. Fingers crossed.

I’ve even managed to get some gaming done. Not as much as I usually do the first week after a book comes out. Usually, I’m so brain dead, I veg for a week or so. This week, not so much. So the gaming has been curtailed some. I’ve mainly played Outriders. Despite server issues over the weekend and some glitches, I’m enjoying the game. Would I recommend the game?

Yes, but with a proviso or two.

First, if you are a Playstation fan, you’re getting screwed. Microsoft/XBox made a deal to put the game on their game pass.

Second, if you want to play it in co-op/multiplayer, you should wait. There are still problems there and they are such that a number of players have simply turned off the option until the devs get the issues fixed.

Third, it’s a new game. So there are problems. The devs continue to be responsible to the community and are working to fix them. But I’ve run into issues where I can’t access certain side missions, etc. Fortunately, I haven’t had any of my inventory disappear, but. . . .

Still, if you like looter shooters, this is a fun game. You have more control over it than you do a lot of games. I’m withholding judgment on the nerf they just announced. If it is as “bad” as some are forecasting, I’m not going to be a happy camper because it will impact my favorite class to play. But I’m willing to wait and see instead of jumping on the condemnation wagon out the gate.

But, for now, I need to jump off the internet and get busy. My errands won’t run themselves and there’s work to get done. Until later!

Featured Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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  1. I wonder about the story behind that Featured Image. Might be a spooky story. 😀

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