Release Day is Here!

It’s release day for Jaguar Rising. After a short delay and more than a few twists and turns in the plot I didn’t anticipate, it’s finally here! Well, the e-book version is. The print version is still a day or two away from release, depending on how long Amazon takes to complete the review process. All I can say is “Hurrah!” and “OMG, what if they hate it?”. Hey, I’m a writer. That means this is a day I will love and hate and wonder how in the world I will ever get through it. After all, no one wants someone looking at their baby and saying it’s ugly.

Jaguar Rising is the first full-length novel in the new story arc comprising Nocturnal Awakenings. Nocturnal Prey and Cat’s Paw are prequel stories bridging the gap between the original series and this new one. Jaguar Rising is the first of a planned three book story arc. What happens after that waits to be seen. But I have a feeling Mac and company still have a lot of stories to tell.

Jaguar Rising presents Mac with some new challenges, professionally and personally. On the professional level, she’s making changes she is, at best, ambivalent about. She knows these changes are for the best but she hates change. The personal challenges are unexpected and enough to rock anyone’s foundation. Oh, and an old enemy returns, one who is out to destroy everyone and everything Mac cares about.

Here’s the blurb:

Life changed for Mackenzie Santos more than a decade ago when she woke on a slab in the morgue. If that wasn’t bad enough, then she started turning furry.

And that was just the beginning of the changes in her life and in the world around her.

Since then, Mac’s life has been filled with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Her responsibilities as cop, mother, pride alpha and member of the Tribunal mean she’s seen the best and worst in both the human and paranormal worlds. . . and the worst is yet to come. It seems someone plans to celebrate her promotion with a real bang!

A monster stalks the streets of Dallas, It has targeted Mac and those close to her. Worse, this “monster” knows her. It spent years studying her, learning her strengths and weaknesses. Worse, it isn’t afraid of harming innocents in its quest to get to her.

Mac will do whatever it takes to bring down this new threat because failure means more than just death. It means all-out war between humans and paras.

Check it out and consider leaving a review after you’ve read it. That’s the best way of helping a writer out (next to buying the book). Thanks!

(I’ll be hiding in the corner. I’m never at my best on these days. Whimper.)

Edited to Add: The print version is now live. Click here for more information.

Featured Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

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