Release Day + 1

Thanks to everyone who bought Risen from Ashes yesterday. Despite all the bumps along the road, release day went better than expected. (I know. I know. I never think release days will be good. I’m an insecure writer. What can I say?)  Now I’m asking you help keep the momentum rolling by telling your friends and family the book is out. You guys are, and always will be, the best promotion tool any author has.

Here’s a short excerpt for those who haven’t already gotten the book.

One week. Seven days spent praying enemy reinforcements didn’t arrive. Seven days of every medically able member of the taskforce working nearly around the clock to bring at least some of their ships back up to battle readiness. Seven days spent wondering if their target would find a way out of the system before they moved in and made an arrest.

And seven very long days for her guilt to grow.

But, for the first time in those seven days, anger surpassed guilt and she embraced it. If there was any justice in the universe, their quarry would give her reason to kill him. Preferably slowly and painfully. It might not bring the dead back, but at least she’d be able to tell their families the man responsible had been made to pay for what he did.

“Secure the exits,” she ordered as she stepped off the lift. As she did, the other fire teams reported in, confirming they were in place and no one could reach the floor without her permission.

Colonel Ashlyn Shaw watched as four battle armored Marines moved into position, two remaining at the lifts and the others moving to the far end of the corridor. A bitter smile twisted Ash’s lips as the sounds of their boots striking the marble floor filled the air. She waited, wondering if their quarry would appear to investigate the strange sounds. But no. Either he was too much of a coward or he didn’t believe they’d dare come for him on his own turf. Not that it mattered. Soon enough she’d have him in custody. One way or the other, he would face justice for his betrayal of the taskforce, a betrayal that cost so many deaths.

Now I’m hard at work on the next several projects. The first is the next titles in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series. The second is a short story/novella in the Nocturnal Lives universe that will begin the transition between the first story arc and the second. Finally, I am already roughing out the next–and final book in the current story arc–title in the Honor & Duty series. Busy times but that is always best. It keeps me out of trouble.

For now, it’s time to get the work. Take care of yourselves, friends. I honestly don’t believe there is reason to panic over Covid-19 but, as we are seeing in my neck of the woods, there are some who haven’t taken precautions and then who break voluntary quarantine. So be aware of your surroundings and follow common sense precautions.

Featured Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay


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