Release Day +1

Well, I lived through release day and woke this morning to a wonderful review of Jaguar Rising. That always helps soothe the worried soul of a writer. Now I get to worry about the first day AFTER release. Okay, so I’m a bit paranoid. I want this book to do well and be well liked. I loved writing it and want everyone to love it too. So, have you checked it out? If you like urban fantasy and/or police procedurals, you will (hopefully) like Jaguar Rising. (Okay, I don’t do begging well. About as well as I do promotion. But I do love this book and hope you do as well.)

Here’s a blurb (unedited because I’m not on my work computer yet):

The jaguar shook itself and carefully climbed over the seat. As it did, it looked through the windows. Too much sun. Too many people. Mackenzie foolish to shift here. It would be much better to do so where they could hunt and run for a while.

Soon, Cait, Mackenzie promised. And we are hunting now. Just a different type of prey.

Cait sat in the front seat without the strange wheel in front of it and thought. There was much about this part of Mackenzie’s life she didn’t understand. But she understood hunt.

Hunt humans?

They’d done that before. But not hunt to eat. Hunt to find and arrest. She hadn’t understood arrest then. Mackenzie explained it meant finding someone and putting them where they couldn’t hurt innocents anymore. Was that the kind of hunt she meant?


Mackenzie could be confusing, like now.

We hunt lycans, Cait. One may have tried to hurt [blurred out to avoid spoilers] yesterday. It may have been responsible for the explosions.

The jaguar’s lips pulled back, revealing very sharp and dangerous teeth. Her growl filled the inside of the SUV. She hated lycans.

Me too, Mackenzie agreed.

Check out Jaguar Rising. Now available in print and as an e-book.

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