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We lucked out last night and while we got a lot of rain, we didn’t have any of the hail that battered much of the Metroplex. Spring might not be here officially, but it is letting everyone know it is just around the corner. Seeing some of the destruction going all the way up to Ohio, my sympathy goes out to those who have lost their homes, their car, their jobs and my prayers for those who have lost loved ones. Here’s hoping we’ve seen the worst of it for now.

As for me, it’s been an interesting week, mainly in a good way. Writing continues and I’m about to send the final version of Surtr’s Fury off to the editor. While they’re looking it over, I’m going ahead and finalizing the release date for the book. ¬†Right now, it looks like April 9th. I don’t particularly like releasing it right before Tax Day, but the 15th doesn’t quite have the onus it used to, thanks to e-filing. Besides, I want to give everyone on my end time to make sure everything is ready. (To be honest, I might decide to move it up to 4/2. I’ll make that decision later today, after talking with the various parties involved.)

In the meantime, I’ll get everything ready to go live on Amazon and probably to put it up on pre-order as well.

What else?

battlebornThe newest snippet from Battleborn is up on my substack. You can find it here. The snippets are still for all subscribers to the substack, but will soon be going out to only the paid subscribers. Just a head’s up.

Now for something completely different, although not nearly as funny as the Monty Python show where that phrase comes from.

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of helping someone I care deeply about with a tech problem. It wasn’t a biggie, certainly nothing that would have required paying someone to “fix”. But it pointed out how difficult it is for some people to ask for help and, when they receive it, how much it means to them.

This person is very dear to my family. They are always there to lend a hand, usually before we even ask. But they rarely–and I mean never–ask for help for themselves. So when they did, I was happy to put my own work to the side to do what I could. Fortunately, I was not only able to help them, but do so in a way I think they’ll be able to remember.

All this is a long about way of saying check in on your friends. Even your “strongest” friends sometimes need help. Listen to what they say and don’t say. Watch their expressions when you’re talking about things that might seem inconsequential to you. It might not be to them. And don’t be afraid to reach out. It will help them and you’ll feel good for doing it.

Now, to get back to work. More later. Until then, don’t forget to check out the snippet!

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