Quick Update

Well, the print proof for Battle Flight arrived an hour or so ago and all is a go.


There were a few hitches in the process. When I hit the “publish” button, it kept telling me to fix the highlighted error. Except there was no highlighted error. I checked each page of the set up. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing showed.

So I tried publishing the print files again. Same message.

No, I wasn’t happy. Especially after spending an hour plus trying to deal with AT&T over crawling internet speeds. I finally hit the help button, explained the issue in an email and figured I’d hear from KDP in a day or so. That was fine. I was in a very bad mood after the AT&T call–and endless holds, transfers and more holds.

So imagine my surprise when the phone rang not ten minutes after my e-mail went out. KDP calling.

Yes, you read that right. KDP contacted me based on my email and already had the issue identified. In less than five minutes, everything was fixed and the book files were published. They are now in review. Fingers crossed, everything will be all right and the print version of the book will be available tomorrow.

This sort of service is what I’ve always gotten from KDP. Even when there’s been serious issues about something, I’ve found them willing to do whatever they can to work with me. I know part of it is I do treat this as my business and conduct myself in a business-like manner when talking with them. It is certainly a better level of assistance than I’ve ever gotten from the other retailers.

Anyway, that’s the update. Battle Flight will be available in print shortly (knocks on wood). Hurrah!


    1. Thanks. It doesn’t matter how many eyes see a mss, something slips through. Email them to amandgreen at gmail (no “a” at the end of my first name). If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon, that would be great!

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