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Good morning, everyone. Sorry for the silence on the blog yesterday but, well, I figured it was best to step away from the internet for a day. The Hugo controversy is dying down — at least I hope it is — but there is still so much misinformation and disinformation being thrown around that I needed to walk away or explode. So, I walked away to try to give myself time to calm down as well as to try to get a bit more perspective.

Well, I’m calmer, at least as long as I don’t go to FB and see the lies misinformation that is still being tossed about without concern for the careers and reputations of those involved.

As you can see, I could easily go off on a riff again this morning, but I won’t. At least not right now. That’s not to say I won’t have another post on the matter but it has to wait. I have to leave the house shortly and won’t be where I’ll have internet access until later today (and I hate trying to write a post on my phone). That means a very late post today.

So here it is. I’m asking you to suggest topics. It can be about writing, reading, publishing, even the Hugos. Pretty much any suggestion will be considered. The floor is yours and I’ll be back soon. Just don’t break the furniture while I’m gone  😉



  1. Let’s talk recommended reading… As in, “What to recommend to a friend who is either new to SciFi/Fantasy, or is only familiar with movies (Potter, LotR, Hobbit, etc.)? If they have the right mindset, I’ve had some success with Pratchett, and Correia (MHI), but what other books/series are good starters? First taste is free, lets get them addicted!

    1. For first taste is free, I’d recommend On Basilisk Station by David Weber. The Baen Free Library has it listed, iirc. But great idea for a post. I may work that into tomorrow’s post — today is a loss because I just got home and have a ton of stuff I need to do before nightfall.

      1. I do love the Baen Free Library.. Love Ringo as well (Carefully steering people towards The Legacy of the Aldenata and the Troy Rising stuff, and not towards Paladin of Shadows, “Oh no, John Ringo, no!”). Outside of Baen, I think Stephan Brust, Butcher, of couse, and Raymond Feist. Pratchett and Zelazny.

        1. Depending on their ages, consider some of the “Masters” as well. Of course, even though I’m not usually a zombie plot lover, I have loved Ringo’s series. It was fun and it made me think, both good things in a book.

  2. Oh, maybe something about writing. Your experiences maybe, or something about the nuts and bolts of writing. Whatever, make it relaxing for you.

    By the looks of it, the Hugo stuff will still be going on after the weekend. Plenty of time then to engage again if necessary.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and, yes, the Hugo stuff will continue. It was heartening today though to hear someone who doesn’t follow the genre talking about the dust-up — she has been reading about it on my blog and fb feeds and following it elsewhere — and having her understand exactly what we are standing up for.

      1. There still is troll activity at Brad’s. I’d guess he doesn’t moderate it that often. Of course, they’re just annoying twits, not the real nasty ones.

        I’ve got a couple of progressive friends that went to Norwescon last weekend. They heard a little about the kerfuffle, and were pleased that one of the 47 North authors was nominated. They’ve got a couple of novelettes published through 47 North.

        I was pleased to see that they were very much against a small exclusive group dominating the Hugos for decades. They may not agree with Correia’s politics {and oddly enough had never heard of Theodore Beale}, but they thought the idea of the Sad Puppies was a good one.

        Heart warming, that.

        1. Absolutely. I had something like that happen yesterday and it does make it all worthwhile. As for troll activity, yeah, it’s still there but most of the vitriol is limited to their own sites from what I’m seeing. Not that I mind. They are preaching to the chior there.

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