Playing with a cover

Don’t yell at me. It really is related–sort of–to getting Cat’s Paw ready for publication. I’ve been busy working on refining the very rough draft that’s already in the can. As I do, something’s become clear. This novella is tied to one I did some years ago in the series. That one, Nocturnal Haunts, has been sort of the orphaned nephew of the series. It belonged but it didn’t. There’s been something about it that’s eaten at me from the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad story. I’m certainly not embarrassed by it. But it never felt like it quite fit with the series. Or, perhaps, that the story itself wasn’t finished.

It turns out that it’s the latter. Events and characters from Nocturnal Haunts will play a role in Cat’s Paw. Let me tell you, that surprised me when I realized what was happening. It also sent me to my files to re-read Haunts, making sure I was remembering it right.

Let’s say when I did, I grimaced at the cover. All right, it’s no where near the worst cover out there. Far from it. But it doesn’t really fit with the book or the series, much less the new series/story arc. So, since I’ve been sitting here waiting for a delivery, I decided I’d look at redoing the cover.

This isn’t perfect. But it is a good working draft. besides, when I pulled the image the other day to use as a featured image on a blog post, I knew it was meant for the series and, when I started looking at Haunts again, I knew that was the title it belonged to.

I still need to do some work on this, but the “itch” to do it is satisfied for the moment. I’ll let it sit a day or two and then revisit it. That gives me time to continue working on Cat’s Paw as well as doing some minor tweaking onNocturnal Haunts. If nothing else, the copyright page will need to be updated to show the change in cover images and attribution.

Now, I guess I’d better get back to work.


Featured Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay


  1. So, you haven’t made the changes to Haunts yet?

    I wanted to download the most current version of the story.

  2. Hum… oh, I have it in epub. I should probably get a kindle copy… Incidentally, your page here says “Writes under the names of Amanda S. Green, Sam Schall and Ellie Howell.” — Isn’t that Ellie Ferguson?

    1. Mike, I probably haven’t had enough coffee yet. But I’m not seeing where you’re referring to the naming mix-up. Can you be more specific? Thanks.

  3. About the author Writer, proud military mom and possessed by two crazy cats and one put-upon dog. Writes under the names of Amanda S. Green, Sam Schall and Ellie Howell.

    Has a picture beside it? Just above these comments, basically?

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