One More Day

I know. I know. I’m going to have the song from Les Miz running through my head the rest of the day. But it says it best. It is just one day more until the release of Fire Striker. I’m looking forward to it with a mix of excitement and soul crushing fear. I’m always excited and scared when it comes to release day. After all, I’m letting my baby out in public for the first time. Will folks thinks it’s good or not? But this is not only a new book but a new series. That makes it doubly scary because it’s NEW. That means it is time for the very insecure writer to emerge, even though it’s cold out and I’d much prefer being in bed with the covers pulled up over my head.

As I’ve said before, Fire Striker is the first of a three book series. Book 2, tentatively titled Fire’s Fury, will be out 4th quarter of this year. It’s already written. So it just needs editing and a cover. Book 3 will come out approximately 9 months after that (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, here’s another short snippet from Fire Striker. (This is not from the final version, so there may be spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.)

Windsong nodded and eased the bra straps from my shoulders. At her urging, I sat up enough for her to release the clasp behind me. Mostly naked, I lay back and waited. Instead of reaching for a tattoo gun or set of needles, she began chanting. Renata lit candles and then a bundle of sage. As she smudged the air around me, Windsong went to work.

At first, she focused on the sigil between my breasts. A comfortable warmth soon turned to a burning so bad I wanted to scream. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, doing my best to remain motionless as she worked. Someone—Renata?—gently stroked my cheek, my forehead and told me it would be all right. God, I wanted to believe her. But it hurt so damned badly.

Swallowing hard against the scream building in my throat, I opened my eyes. Windsong no longer stood in front of me. Now she moved in a circle around me, chanting, her fingers flying as she drew sigils in the air. As she did, energies rose around me, swirling in dizzying patterns and colors. They all seemed attached to the sigil tattooed between my breasts. I watched, unable to look away as the sigil appeared to pull away from my skin and into the air, stretching like a series of rubber bands. The more it stretched, the worse the pain. Then, with a sudden pop!, the connection broke and I slumped back against the chaise, panting and fighting for control.


Life gets really interesting for Morgan at this point and Heaven help those who conspired against her. Before the series ends, they will learn the true meaning of the phrase, “Payback’s a bitch”. Especially since Morgan has no problem being the bitch in question.


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