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Oh man, the last two weeks or so have been busy and not always in a good way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but, just when you think things are going well, life will through a wrench into things. That is exactly what happened and why the blog suddenly went dark. Between trying to make sure I had Fire from Ashes ready for release and life, the blog was so far down the list of things to do that it didn’t get done. Fingers crossed that is about to change.

While the challenges life has thrown at me aren’t earth-shattering, they have been the sort that take up time and emotional wherewithal. I’m hoping that today’s doctor’s appointment (not for me) will answer some of the questions we’ve had and there will be nothing more than physical therapy needed. The short explanation is my 86-year-old mother fell while on vacation and injured her arm. Being stubborn — see, you knew I had to get it from somewhere — she refused to call the doctor until she’d been home several days. This despite the fact the doctor at the ER she visited told her to call her PCP if she was still having trouble after a few days. Fortunately, even though this is a short work week, we managed to get an appointment for today with an orthopedist. I foresee more testing in her future and, best case scenario, PT for her. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. The real issue is she injured her right arm and she is profoundly right-handed and that means she needs help doing things she would normally be able to do on her own.

Then there was the book. I love Fire from Ashes but it was one of those books that I found myself fighting on so many different levels. Partly because my muse was telling me one thing and my brain was telling me something else. The muse, of course, won.

I also fought the book because the story required a sacrifice I really didn’t want to make. I don’t usually have too much trouble killing off a character but this time — well, this time I did everything I could to avoid it only to realize the sacrifice was needed. I’ll not say more. Hopefully, you guys agree it was necessary after you read the book.

So, tomorrow’s the big day. Fire from Ashes goes live in the morning. I’m nervous about it. I always am before a release. It’s like taking my baby out for the first time and worrying someone will say she’s ugly. I’ve already written about half of the next book in the series, the one that will (honest, it really will) finish the current story arc. That book will be out the end of the year. Next up, however, is another book in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series and a short story or novella in the Nocturnal Lives series. Sometime in the first quarter of 2019, I’ll put out the third and final book in the Sword of the Gods series as well.

Anyway, Fire from Ashes is still available for pre-order. It does go live tomorrow as an e-book. Print versions will be available in the next two weeks or so, as will new print editions of the other books in the series.

At war with an old enemy, betrayed by a supposed ally, Fuercon is a system on the brink of disaster. All that stands between it and defeat are its Space Navy and Marines – and the fact the betrayer does not yet know its secret plans have been discovered. But will that be enough to turn the tide of war?

Honor and duty.

Honor and duty have guided Colonel Ashlyn Shaw’s life for as long as she can remember. Honor kept her sane when she was betrayed by those she had fought beside. Duty gave her reason to trust again once the betrayal came to light and her name, as well as the names of her fellow Devil Dogs, was cleared. Now she and the Marines under her command are once again asked to risk their lives to protect Fuercon from its enemies.

Family and the Corps.

They are why she fights. She knows what will happen to them should Fuercon fall to the Callusians. Their lives are worth any sacrifice she must make to help keep their homeworld safe.


The not-so-secret driving force of Ashlyn’s life. Four years ago, someone betrayed her and her command. That person now works to betray Fuercon. Ashlyn is determined to discover who – and why – and bring them to justice.

The storm clouds of war gather and time is running out. Will Ashlyn and the Devil Dogs be able to turn back the enemy and unmask the betrayer before all is lost?

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