On stories and evil muses

I fell like I’ve fallen through the Looking Glass these days. It has nothing to do with current events. Although, I will admit that I’m more than ready for life to return to normal and not this “new normal” being forced on ut. No, this has to do with the release of Rogue’s Magic and Myrtle the Evil Muse.

In the past, I’ve found myself not wanting to do anything but recharge and read or game for the first week after a book’s release. That time gives my brain time to recharge and begin focusing on the next project.

Maybe I should have realized this wasn’t going to be like all the other times. Even before I finished Rogue’s Magic, Myrtle began dictating Cat’s Paw (the first book in the Nocturnal Awakenings series–a continuation of Noctural Lives). She had me doing cover designs for not only Cat’s Paw but for Magic Rising (Eerie Side of the Tracks) as well.

And, even though I had a basic draft for Magic Rising, she had me up at 0400 this morning to make notes on changes in that “draft”.

Head, meet desk.

So here I am with two books very roughly drafted out. Both crying for me to write them NOW! And let’s not forget I need to get to Victory from Ashes sooner, rather than later.

And some people wonder why I envy the life of a spoiled house cat (like my own cats).

While part of me wishes Myrtle wasn’t being so generious with inspiration, another part is thrilled. I haven’t wanted to write like this in a very long time. Perhaps this is part of life returning to normal. No, not when you look outside or when you read the papers or listen to the news. But when you listen to other folks, those who are doing their best to make a living, make sure their kids get an education and who are fed up with the idiocy that has come in the wake of the Covid scare.

That was driven home yesterday when I was at one of the local grocery stores. The particular store is not one I normally visit for a number of reasons. The main one is that I am never convinced the store is clean. But I needed something quickly and didn’t want to be away from home for long for various reasons. So I made a quick trip to this particular store, the first time since Covid struck.

Unlike other stores and businesses in the area where they have someone posted at the door to remind you to wear your mask, wipe down shopping carts before they are used again, etc., this store had two employees demanding you mask up before you cross that magical line into their store. Yet there was no sign they were cleaning carts that were returned. Inside, despite the gestapo-type of demands and warnings (as in no excuses for not wearing your mask, even medical reasons), there was no enforcement inside. Not even among their own employees.

But, instead of seeing–or hearing–those who demand everyone wear a mask or else that person must what grandma to die, the complaints came about the lack of consistency by the store. Either simply ask folks to wear their masks–which would put them in compliance with county mandates–or require it and enforce it. But don’t deny entry because someone doesn’t have a mask on before they enter the building and then let them take it off three feet later.

Even a week ago, it would have been very different. Those clerks at the front of the store would have been applauded for helping keep everyone safe. Those folks removing their masks inside would have been confronted by other patrons and management would have been called.

Down here, the accuracy of the Covid numbers has come under close scrutiny, especially the manner in which those numbers are reported. Because of that and because we are seeing how those numbers at least appear to being manipulated to make things seem worse than they are, folks want their lives back.

More than that, they are taking steps to do just that.

Perhaps, that is what Myrtle has been doing with me.

Anyway, I have lots to write and not much time today. Between family obligations and the need to take care of some other things, I need to wrap this up. So I will do it this way:

Have you gotten your copy of Rogue’s Magic yet? If you have, would you please take a few moments and leave a review? Thanks!

Rogue’s Magic

Trouble comes to Mossy Creek.

Jaqueline “Jax” Powell left town after high school, wanting to put as many miles between small town Texas and herself as possible. Mossy Creek, however, isn’t your normal small town and once it gets its hooks in you, you never really escape. It has already brought home two of its wayward children. Will Jax be the third?

When her best friend and “sister from another mister”, Annie Caldwell, is attacked and left for dead, Jax wastes no time in returning home. But is Mossy Creek ready for her return? Before long, everyone will remember why she’d been called “the rogue” growing up. An Earth Elemental, she will join with Wind and Fire to protect those they love.

As storm clouds gather over the small town, danger grows. Jax will have to use all her gifts as an Other to keep her friends safe.



  1. If Magic Rising is Book Five of “Eerie Side of the Tracks”, what’s Book Four. [Evil Grin]

  2. Great! Oh, I noticed that Lexie’s Grandmother caused herself to Not Rest In Peace along with the other family members (mentioned in the second Eerie book). 😀

    1. I suspect it was more conspiratorial than enforced by Granny. She rallied the troops, so to speak and they took up residence. I suspect Mossy Creek itself helped a bit.

        1. oh in a heart beat. With bells on. Though I am Suspicious that it might tie into the problems Jax sees coming. Though it might just be a symptom rather than a main cause. (I will not speculate more in thread, promise.)

  3. Got it, read it, loved it. Waiting (with less patience than I will admit to) for the next one or seven. I will say that one of the fun little bits of the story, for me, was Lexie’s brother… he grew up. I’m also looking forward to seeing which of my ideas of where this is going are correct.

    1. Thanks! And I will admit Bubba/Jake surprised me. He just sort of showed up. Now I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

  4. May be there’s hope for “Perfect Patty”. 😉

    By the way, while Amanda has implied that there’s an “Evil Other” (or Others) out there, I wonder if any Other has resisted the idea that he/she is an Other?

  5. Well, we’ve seen houses with a “mind of its own” so why not a town with a “mind of its own”. 😆

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