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One of my goals over the next month is to not only get Dagger of Elanna released in print but to make sure I have updated print editions of all my novels up for sale. The problem with this is not knowing what Amazon is doing right now. Createspace is still in place — or it was last week when I last checked. But Amazon also has a new service through your KDP dashboard where you can set up your print book there as well. The problem being this new setup doesn’t have all the same functionality and benefits as Createspace does.

But what has me wondering if I ought to just wait a bit is the fact you can now transfer your books from Createspace over to this new print side of KDP. Does that mean Amazon is going to phase out Createspace? If so, do I want to set everything up over there and then have to transfer it over to KDP, risking something going wrong?

And there are things that can go wrong. The first thing is that they are already saying there may be issues with the covers set up for Createspace not necessarily working with this new interface. I don’t want to have to recreate my cover flat — or ask my cover artist to do it.

Then there is the potential of the interior files not printing the same way for the new venture they did for Createspace. So, you can see my quandary.

There’s another reason why I’m hesitating on doing quick re-releases of some of the print books.¬†Setting up new print files as well as new cover flats takes time away from writing and editing, both of which I not only need to do but want to do. That seems to be my constant conflict as a writer. I’d rather write than do the promo work I should, the “business stuff” that needs to be done, etc. But it will be done. I’ve just got to decide whether to wait a bit longer and see what Amazon has up its sleeve or not.

And no, I am not interested in going with Lightning Source right now. It is wasted money because I don’t make that much on print books and, at the moment, can get author’s copies for less from Createspace than from LS.

As for digital, there are a couple of books I want to do re-issues of when I have time to go back and look at them. No, nothing major will change, but covers need to be updated and new back material put in. All of that takes time, something I don’t have an incredible amount of right now.


Because the writing is starting up quicker this time after finishing a book than it usually does. Hopefully, that’s a good sign. I’m about 1/3rd of the way through Nocturnal Rebellion and it is a fun book to write. I’m hoping you guys enjoy it as much as I am so far.

Now I need to run. I have an appointment in a few minutes. When I get back, I’m hoping to update my main site. I’m liking the new look of the blog and hope you do as well. In the meantime, tell me what you’re reading. I need something new to read before bed.



  1. I’ve already transferred many of my novels. What I found is that everything worked well for my covers (interior transferred over fine) and then a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t take any of my covers which had been approved on CreateSpace. I would just send it through again. That worked the first few times… Now it stays up on Amazon… but KDP gives me a message every once in awhile that my cover isn’t right. *sigh I have the feeling that CS will soon be bit-canned. However, KDP does not give authors a discount for books so you have to buy them full price. They don’t give you a proof copy either. That is a big mistake. Also it only has three distribution lines– and not the same amount as CS– CS didn’t help much with sales.

    On the other hand I am selling more books on KDP (i.e. paperback books). At this point I don’t know why. Confused.

    My advice is NOT to put print on KDP until you know if 1) CS is going away or 2) the distribution on KDP gets bigger. Once you go KDP, it is almost impossible to go back.

    1. Cyn, that’s what I’ve been hearing from others. I really wish Amazon would give us some more info. For ex., they say the expanded distro will come as well hard copy proofs. But when? And why, for the print proofs at least, isn’t that already in place?

      1. So far, print proofs aren’t in place.. .unless it happened in the last week. I looked for it when I put Dragon Boy on KDP *sigh I’m still doing it on CS and sending it over to KDP… might wait for the rest of my stuff.

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