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I warned you. I told you Myrtle the Evil Muse was working overtime. I swear she’s trying to make up for the weeks when I got nothing done when Covid-19 and everything struck. The last month I’ve been head down, butt in chair and the words have been flying. Because of that, the next three to four months are going to see at least three new titles coming out. Cat’s Paw has now gone live for pre-orders. It will be released October 27th.

Cat’s Paw is a prequel for the new series Nocturnal Awakenings, the next story arc in the Nocturnal Lives universe.

Five years after the world learned shapeshifters are real, Mackenzie Santos is at a crossroads. Her responsibilities to the local pride and the Tribunal are taking more and more of her time. As the Dallas Police Department’s official liaison with the federal government on all things dealing with shapeshifters, she often finds herself on the road. That means she is away from her daughter, who is growing up much too quickly. Something has to give, and it might just be the job she loves.

But walking away isn’t going to be easy. Someone out there is determined to prove monsters do walk the face of the Earth and that they are the top of the proverbial food chain. They don’t care how many lives are lost or how many innocents are hurt. This is war and Mac and those she loves are in the middle of ground zero.

Leaving the DPD may no longer be an option. Yet the restrictions placed on her as a cop may prevent her from stopping the carnage, especially since she doesn’t know where the danger comes from or where it will strike next.

Up next after Cat’s Paw will be Magic Rising. Tentative release date for it will be Dec. 15th. A firm date will be announced in the next month or so. After that will be Victory from Ashes, another in the Honor & Duty series.

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