Of bombs and responsibility

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Unless you live under a rock in a deep, dark cave, you know of the suspected bombs sent to a number of high profile Trump critics yesterday. These targets ranged from the Obamas and Clintons to CNN and more. Let me start out by saying I hope the authorities find the person responsible and he–or she–is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What bothers me the most about this, however, is how the much of the media is covering the story, not to mention the response from much of the Democratic Party.

Let’s get this out of the way before we go any further. Trump is a master at whipping up emotions. We all know that. It is one of the reasons he was able to win the election. He struck a cord with voters that politicians hadn’t managed to connect with in years, decades even.

However, and this is important, he isn’t the only one whipping up emotions and stirring the emotional pot of our country.  Maxine Waters has publicly encouraged her supporters to “harass” members of the Trump Administration. We’ve watched two years or more of Antifa “protestors” resorting to violence and destruction of private property in order to silence voices they didn’t want to hear. Where has the Democratic Party been in condemning this action? Where have they been in calling for calm and trying to bridge the gap in this nation?

I’ll tell you where. It’s been MIA. Hell, it’s been worse. It has been on the sidelines, cheering these assholes on.

But now that their own tactics have been turned on them, they want to claim the role of victim. Well, let’s be honest, they long ago claimed that role. Now they are publicly embracing it. Instead of coming out to condemn the person responsible for sending the so-called bombs, they instead came out and blamed it all on President Trump. Yes, that’s right. It’s all the President’s fault.

Now, here’s the thing. I’m not always a Trump fan. I think he stirs the pot, intentionally or not, at times with a little silence or consideration would do. But he isn’t the first politician to do it and he won’t be the last. He has also had the balls to call out the media for their bias, something no politician has done to the degree the President has.

There is something else as well. Buried deep under the lede of all the media coverage is one simple fact: these devices appear to be bombs but the authorities haven’t actually said they are. The official word is they have all the earmarks of crudely built explosive devices, right down to a black powder that “might” be explosive in nature.

But that doesn’t make nearly the impact of saying bombs were sent that could cause serious bodily injury or death, does it?

Then you have ABC and Good Morning America. Just a few minutes ago, good ole George Stephanopolous was doing his lead-in to yet another segment about the devices. This time, he did admit Trump was more toned down yesterday as he condemned what happened. But he couldn’t leave it at that. Oh no. After making sure all his viewers knew the President then turned at least part of the blame for the current climate that might have lead to the events of the last 24-hours, he added that the President failed to take any responsibility himself.

Now, other than the fact that we all know good ole George purely hates the fact Trump beat his girl Hillary, there was no call for that sort of editorializing of the story. I have very little respect for little Georgie these days. He could have earned some of it back if, feeling the need to take a jab at the President, he had also noted the inflamed rhetoric coming out of the Democrats as well. But no, he isn’t going to do that. Could it be he hopes to one day return to the White House himself?

Then there is one other consideration. We don’t know who sent these devices. We don’t know what their motivation or goals might have been. Yes, it is possible it was someone who, due to some form of mental illness, took some of the President’s rhetoric and decided it was a call to action. But it is just as likely this is someone who had some sort of personal grievance, real or imagined, against one or more of those targeted and the others were simply a means to muddy the waters. Then there is the reaction many of us had when we first heard about the alleged bombs and their “targets”. Could this be an attempt by someone wanting to make the Democratic Party and its candidates look more attractive for the midterm elections? It’s a very dangerous way of doing it but it wouldn’t be the first time someone went off the rails trying to influence and election.

Here’s the thing, the person responsible needs to be found and quickly. Only then will be learn, hopefully, what their motivation was. Until then, both sides of the political aisle need to shut the fuck up and quit pointing the finger. Most of all, the media needs to remember what its role should be–to report the news, not to make it.

As for little Georgie Stephanopolous, shut the fuck up. We know you still lick the boot heels of the Clintons and have a hard-on for Obama. That doesn’t give you the right to lay the blame for everything that happens at the feet of Donald Trump. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and hold your Democrats to the same standard you hold everyone else to.


  1. It seems to all but scream “coverage seeking” rather than do-real-damage. But that could also be priming. If there’s another wave of more genuinely harmful devices, people might be thinking “Oh, it’s just another of-” *BOOM* And thus is real harm done – once or twice. And a second wave might not be in the plans, but copycatters might not have gotten the memo, as it were. That’s my big concern right now – some damn fool will do real, obvious, bloody harm.

    1. Agreed.

      I had another thought after I posted the blog. If this really was an effort to strike at Democrats, why go after folks who aren’t running for office right now? Wouldn’t the bomber have sent packages to those candidates who are engaged in tight races against Republicans? Because they didn’t, I can’t help wondering if it wasn’t a black flag sort of operation or simply some sick fuck trying for attention.

      1. I can see how most might be considered party leaders and so get a crazy’s attention in a “cut off the snake’s head” sort of way. But even then, why Holder and not Pelosi or Schumer? And De Niro? Really?

        Of course, that same logic makes them attractive as false flag targets to stir up resolve on the part of the Left in the election.

      2. Yes, the choices of targets fairly screams “self-aggrandizement”.

        If it were a nutjob with a grievance, they would have hit a local congressman, too.
        If it were a “right-winger” trying to decapitate the snake, they wouldn’t have aimed at Hillary, and would have gone after Pelosi, Schumer, et al.
        (If it were a Democrat looking to 2020, they might have sent a real one to Hillary, to prevent her from clogging up the race, again.)
        If, OTOH, it were someone on the left, hoping to make a big story, they might very well pick the folks chosen – because those very folks think they are the embodiment of the progressive movement. Their narcissism makes them think that any “right-winger” would obviously target them, and so the plan goes forward.

        Just more possible evidence, imo.

        1. Yep.

          Now, add in how a CNN (maybe MSNBC, I don’t remember for sure) commentator claimed the bomber probably read such “right wing sites” as Drudge. Then you have Maxine Waters jumping on the blame Trump wagon, completely ignoring her own calls for folks to “harass” conservatives. But she “ain’t afraid”. Hmmm, why’s that, Max?

      3. I have been wondering the same why and the best answer I got was “Bernie Bro”. It was the DWS connection that made me wonder if it was revenge for the 2016 Den primaries.

  2. (Trying again)
    At the moment these seem like ‘coverage-seeking’ rather than truly explosive devices. My fear is another wave of deadlier things (whether planned by the original nutcase[s] or by some copycatter) of genuinely harmful devices – which might, once or twice, do more harm than otherwise as someone foolishly goes, “Oh, it’s just another of-” *BOOM* I do not like this. I hope it doesn’t happen. But I can see it happening all too easily.

  3. Great compilation by Hannity tonight of MANY leading Democrats urging physical confrontation, threatening murder, joking about murder, publishing an assassination fantasy in today’s NYT, while all Trump ever did was bypass their control of the discussion by answering their lying speech directly with his Twitter feed.

    Trump never called for anyone to get in anyone’s face except a couple of times in response to the left getting in conservatives’ faces and trying to block conservatives’ rights to speech and association. When they disrupted his campaign rallies he would occasionally say “get ’em out of here.”

    That is not initiation of physical confrontation. ALL the initiation has always been on the leftist side, often fomented at the very top, which makes it very annoying to see people like Eric Erickson go on radical leftist MSNBC and urge that all sides need to calm down their rhetoric.

    Trump’s rhetoric is 100% appropriate. He is answering lying leftist speech with corrective speech and letting the voters decide which they prefer. That is how our system is supposed to work. It is political violence that has no place and the only fomenters of political violence are on the left.

    To see them now pretending that it is Trump who has been urging physical intimidation. All he did was call fake news fake news and correctly identify them as partisan hacks and enemies of the nation whose influence needs to be 100% rejected and their party, the Democrat Party, 100% rejected and defeated at the ballot box.

    That’s how we destroy our enemies in a free and democratic society. Not by refraining from calling them enemies, but by defeating them through peaceful means. It is only the Democratic Party that is rejecting this substitute for war. Having lost the contest in this substitute for war they are moving now to fall back on war.

    1. Well said, Alec. Frankly, the other side would shit their pants if we suddenly decided to be as confrontational and “dangerous” as they say we are.

  4. Events that can be blamed on the president that arise two weeks before an election have a high probability of being planned political warfare by enemies of the president. It seems to be that most, if not all of these devices were incapable of harming anyone and therefore were sent for the publicity they have produced.
    And what has that publicity been?
    All the ‘elite media’ have blamed it all on Trump, and identified the recipients (the intended non-victims) as Trump enemies.
    However, they are all used up has beens. Has any young dynamic democrat, any currently popular democrat been rewarded with a fake bomb?
    Ok there don’t seem to be any such people, but seriously, what Trump supporter would want to harm a Clinton, or any of the others who received fake bombs?
    Everything they do or say ends up embarrassing the democrats. Why even try to hinder them when

    1. Totally agree. It was the oh-so-convenient timing that first set my radar off. Especially when it came so close on the heels of the Dems getting their butts handed to them in the Kavanaugh confirmation. They really thought they could assassinate the Justice’s character without anyone standing up for him. I couldn’t help wondering if this wasn’t yet another attempt to deflect and divert, all the while painting conservatives as the evil creatures the liberals want us to be.

      As for the media, most of it needs to simply admit to being what it has become–part of the entertainment industry. It no ore reports the news any more than Michael Moore does. Instead, it wants to frame the news or, in most cases, make it. It certainly wants to make sure Trump, conservatives and libertarians don’t maintain any hold on power.

  5. Well said, especially about the media types shutting up. There is more than enough blame to go around. And the media should recall that every time they give mass coverage to a mass killing they stir up that next killer; this time around they may be stirring up someone who decides to send out functional devices.

    1. Thanks, Bill. While I don’t advocate ceasing coverage of shootings, etc., I want it to be balanced coverage, focusing on the causes and motivations of the shooter and not on some media cause du jour, be it universal health care, gun control or something else.

  6. If the “bomber” is a Democrat trying to make Republicans look bad, there is zero chance that will be revealed before election day and very little it will ever be revealed. The FBI’s as partisan as the press.

  7. Prediction – given that, despite a few Holder holdovers having been purged from the top ranks of the FBI/DOJ, both are still effectively run by Obama/Holder hires:
    1) when they find the perpetrator, and he/she/vir/sheezer/hersm/whatever makes the Democrats look bad, the identification won’t be made public until after the election, if ever
    2) If the perp makes the Republicans look bad (or can be twisted to do so by the “unbiased”. “objective” “news” media), look forward to that being made public with just a day or two left until the election.

    The deep state was not only packed at the top levels of the entire upper echelon of the civil service by Obama hiring and promotion policy of “The Lefter the Better”, but the SEIU was run by a 1970’s radical for 20 years, insuring that the bottom ranks of the civil service were also packed with lesser leftlings and minorities beholden to the Democrats. It is nearly impossible to fire any of these for any reason.

    1. I wish I could argue with what you say, but I can’t. Yes, some of those holdovers are good men and women and they are more dedicated to duty and country than to politics, there are all too many who aren’t.

  8. Does anyone know where Bill Ayers was during this bomb scare? You would think the media would be hot to hear his take on this, wountcha?

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