Nocturnal Haunts Updated!

Sort of. . .  if I go to my dashboard, it shows the updates are still processing. However, if I go to the product page and click on preview, the new files are there. Unfortunately, it takes time for things to work through Amazon’s system so the old cover is still showing. I guess this is my way of saying the updates are working through the system and should be in place before long. If you’ve already purchased the novella, simply go to “Manage my digital content” or whatever they are calling it right now. Select Nocturnal Haunts and tell it to update.

So, what are the changes? A new cover, natch. And some updates to the text. I’ve added some material to bring the story more in line with what happens later on in the series.

For those who haven’t read the story yet, it takes place not that long after the first book in the series, Nocturnal Origins. Mac is still coming to terms with turning furry and trying to find a way to balance her job as a cop with her new life.

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