A New Year, a New Plan

I’ll admit it. I took the last couple of weeks to take a long, hard look at not only my writing schedule but blogging and a few other things. I won’t bore you with all the details. The bottom line is this: blogging will continue and will be on a set schedule (which is always open to change due to life). I’ll be continuing writing at According to Hoyt as well as Victory Girls. Best of all, the time off has given me the time to recharge the creative juices, so to speak. Writing is happening again — thankfully — and I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motions. The new year has brought a new dedication.

No, this wasn’t a case of writer’s block. It was a case of “OMG, I’m tired and there is so much to do.” Because I’m stubborn, I didn’t recognize that I’d let myself get so overextended. It wasn’t until I forced myself to take a step back and examine what was going on, my mindset and more that I realized what happened. That meant I had to make some decisions, not all of them easy. But they’ve been made and implemented and life is good.

Light Magic is well on its way and should go live at the end of the month. The next book in the series is half-written and fully plotted. There are a couple of short stories/novellas planned as well. The only hiccup in the series is the next installment of Skeletons in the Closet. I know I’m late on it but the novels have taken the characters in a different direction than I initially planned. So I’ve had to reconsider where Skeletons 2 will go. I think I’ve figured it out. Next month, I’ll put pen to paper — metaphorically speaking — and see what happens.

Next up after Light Magic will be Victory from Ashes, the next volume in the Honor and Duty series. Also planned for this year are the final book in the Sword of the Gods series a novella in the Nocturnal Lives universe and at least one other short story. But, for the next month, when I’m not working on Light Magic, I will be working on getting print versions out for all my books. This will include some rebranding of at least one series. I need to practice what I preach and re-examine my keywords, etc., on Amazon and see what can be done to help my older books continue selling.

So, it is back to work. I’ll be back tomorrow — if not sooner — with another post. Here’s hoping you had a wonderful holiday season and that this New Year brings you health, happiness and some fun.

Until later!


  1. I’m also looking at my schedule and decided that i wasn’t giving my creative juices enough so I will be changing things up a little too. Plus adding other things that are not writing. 🙂 Have a happy new year.

  2. Hillary’s book: A comment on it from Ann Althouse’s blog today:

    Blogger William Chadwick said…

    If only Margaret Hamilton had been alive to do the spoken-word edition. . . .

    1. LOL, when I sent in my final blog post on HRC’s book, I suggested using a picture of the Wicked Witch melting because it is clear HRC is continuing to have a mental meltdown over the fact she lost the election.

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