New member of the family

Today is one of those days when I’m meeting myself coming and going. Since I don’t have time to figure out what to blog about, I thought I’d introduce you to the newest member of the household. Tugger came to us through a local rescue after starting out life as part of a hoarding situation. He’s still a little skittish, but each day he settles in more an more. He loves BratCat and BentleyDog already. He loves pets on his terms and doing zoomies through the house with BratCat. He started life with us as “Chip”, but that didn’t fit his personality. Hence, Tugger was born.

If all goes as planned, he will “officially” become ours today or tomorrow.


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    1. He’s probably around that. When I filled out the adoption request, the description said he was about 12-14 mos, but no way. And, yes, it is Tugger as in Rum Tum Tugger. I’m an Eliot fan and every other cat or so is named after one of his “cats”.

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