Monday Morning Thoughts

Coffeeeeeeee . . . .

Yep, it’s going to be one of those days. At least I have the short story figured out and ready to push through to final edits. I also figured out how to get from Point A to Point D on the next book in the series. Of course, that has to come after I finish Nocturnal Rebellion and send it off to my beta readers.

In the meantime, as I was reading the paper this morning, inspiration hit. There was a story about a 90+ year-old woman on her final cross-country driving trip. The story itself was engaging and reminded me of my cousin Clarice. — full of life and wanting to live it to the fullest until she drew her last breath.

But it was a picture of this feisty little lady that caught my eye and sent Myrtle the Must into overdrive. She was sitting at a table on what looked like an outdoor patio for a shop or cafe. Her head was thrown back and she was laughing. There was a twinkle in her eye with more than a hint of devilment in it. You knew she had just managed to zing someone and loved it.

Making the picture even better was the youngish man sitting across from her laughing with her. Despite the probably 60 or more years difference in their ages, they had connected and were probably getting into trouble together. It’s an image you don’t see every day and it made an impression.

And this woman, Miss Norma, suddenly sprang fully formed in my mind as part of the Eerie Side of the Tracks universe. Whether it will be part of the fantasy side or the “normal” side, I don’t know. All I know for sure, is Miss Norma will be the inspiration for a character in the series. Well, to be honest, the character will be a mix of Miss Norma and Cousin Clarice, and probably my grandmother who was born either 100 years too early or 100 years too late.

Now to go make some notes, enough to satisfy Myrtle so she doesn’t decide I need to write that story right NOW! Then it’s off to finish the short story and move on to the next project.

Until later. Have a great Monday!


  1. Somebody elsewhere was complaining about why do these stories always have young men or women leaving home for an adventure/quest.

    Why not have this old woman going out to “save the world” (along with somebody who makes sure she takes her medicine regularly). 😉

    Considering the older male characters who come out of retirement to “show they still have what it takes”, I’d say “go for it”. 😀

    1. LOL. She won’t be the main character but very much involved in egging on, especially when there’s trouble to be had. At least that’s what I’m seeing right now.

  2. Chuckle Chuckle

    Your story and I’ll admit that I could see an older man “kicking ass” better than I could see an older woman “kicking ass”.

    But then, I need to be convinced that a young woman can “kick ass” as well as a young man. 😉

    Still both an older woman and a young woman could still be written well as the Main Character. 😀

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