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Mondays. I hate them on general principle. Today is one of those mixed bags where Mondays are concerned. Today’s no different but not for the usual reasons. To start, I’m looking forward to the week of writing after getting some very positive feedback on not only the general premise and some plot notes for Designation: Frejya but also from my alpha reader who has seen the early chapters. I also did a bit of a squee after reading another reader review of Destiny from Ashes. But I am saddened by the death of Nichelle Nichols.

I am old enough that I grew up watching ST:TOS. I laughed at the dramatics (okay, the over-dramatics) of Bill Shatner’s Captain Kirk. I was intrigued by the usually emotionless Commander Spock. I cheered when Yeoman Rand disappeared because I saw no use for her (even then, I wanted my women in SF to be more than waitresses and pretty faces). I adored Nichols’ Uhura. She made an impression on me back then, for a number of reasons and I continued to follow her with interest as I grew up.

She helped open the genre in film and on TV to capable women who were more than arm candy for the randy captain. She also helped break some of the racial lines in the media end of the genre. Others have already written eloquent eulogies for her and I’m not going to try to outdo them. I will simply say she made a very positive and important impression on me and I will miss her. I’ll add to that the fact we are fortunate her performances have been preserved so we can still enjoy them.

Smooth sailings, Lt. Uhuru. You were loved and you will be missed.

To counter that, I had a squee moment over the weekend when I noticed a new review up on Amazon for Destiny from Ashes. I’ve admitted here and over on MGC that I had a hard time writing parts of the book. I had to kill and almost kill characters I’d come to care for. The room often got dusty in the process. So, when I came across this review, I knew I’d done something right.

Thanks, Mike Neal. That means everything to me.

Finally, Designation: Frejya. This project has been wild. I love the concept and writing it is a blast. But that doesn’t take away from the terror I’ve been feeling as well because it is different from my other work. So getting some positive feedback on both the trilogy’s concept as well as from my apha reader was awesome. I really can’t wait for this first book to come out and see how the rest of you feel about it.

I’m having so much fun writing the trilogy. It’s an interesting change of pace. Like Fire Striker, it is darker in some ways than most of my other work. That’s part of what makes it fun.

Anyway, I need to get back to it–after I do some more clean up after the disaster of the weekend which led to Mom’s bedroom flooding–again. So, fans are going, carpets are pulled. House smells musty and my allergies are killing me. My goal for today, along with writing, is to get the cleanup finished.

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