Migraines are hell

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was battling a migraine. This morning, when I woke, I felt the stirrings of it still but it was so much better, I’d hoped it meant that it was disappearing. Nope. Not the case thanks to my neighbor. At 0630, the sound of  a large vehicle coming up the street and parking out front greeted me as I rolled out of bed. Worried it might be a firetruck or ambulance, I hit the ground running and made it to the window. Nope, not an emergency vehicle. Instead, it was one of at least three large trucks, all idling and spewing diesel fumes into the air. All for next door.

One truck parked in front of the house next door. Another parked in front of my house, blocking a good portion of my driveway. But that meant it also blocked the neighbor across the street, making it neigh to impossible for him to back out without risking either hitting the trucks or being hit by anyone coming down the street because line of sight was not vastly compromised.

And, with it still dark outside, the rumbling of the idling engines and the stink of diesel continued.

Now, my neighbor has been trying to put in a pool for months. For freaking months. Suddenly, today, with high moisture count in the air and the earth soaked after last night’s rain, they are pouring concrete.

More than an hour after they arrived.

And he, supposedly, didn’t know. Might be true. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But, damn it, why not? What sort of business doesn’t keep its customer apprised of what’s going on?

Any way, there will be no real blog today. The migraine is now back full force. I’m thinking evil thoughts about the trucks and trying to keep my mother from going back out to give the neighbor another piece of her mind. Not a good day.

So here’s the moral of the story. If you are having work done on your house and you have neighbors, keep on top of what’s going on. If you are going to have something large done that will block traffic, cause noise, be a nuisance, stay on top of it and let your neighbors know so they can make arrangements if necessary. In other words, be a neighbor.

Now I’m off to find more meds and go back to bed.

I fucking hate migraines.

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  1. Ouch. Haven’t experience migraines – and after several non-migraine headache, hope to keep it that way – but I know many who do. The diesel exhaust is unpleasant, even in full health. The sound.. if it’s constant isn’t bad. I used to live in a place where at times a semi would park in the street and run all night (Winter…). “Doesn’t that keep you up?” No, it more lulled me to sleep. If it was a refrigerator truck, that was a different matter as the sound changed.

    What puzzled me was how the neighbors kitty-corner seemed to know when I wanted to take a nap – that was almost universally when the kids would tear around the small yard on some gasoline powered thing, gunning on straightaways, slowing for corners, ever-changing, ever-annoying. I’ve pretty much concluded from that sort of thing (and time spent behind a convenience store counter) that ESP or something like it does happen – but it’s not good for anything, it merely means irritation gets maximized.

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