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I’ve been lax about keeping this blog up-to-date and I apologize. Part of it has been because my butt has been in chair and writing has been happening. Part has been because I’ve put some focus on getting the Substack up and running. Part has been real life commitments, some planned and others dropping in without warning. Because of that, I’m going to do a cut-and-paste from the Substack and then add another note or two below it.

From my Substack this morning:

It’s been several weeks since I gave an update here and thought I’d catch everyone up. To start, the book is coming along very well even as it frustrates the crap out of me. But more on that shortly. The key is the words are coming and the book is pretty much on track for publication in another six weeks, give or take.

That said, there will be a new snippet or two for all subscribers in two weeks. I will post probably two snippets (the equivalent of a chapter) at that time for everyone. Then it will go back to paid subscribers only. Which brings up a bit of housekeeping I want to make sure I touch on today (and will again as publication day gets closer). Because of the rules Amazon and the other storefronts have in place, before the book goes up for sale—and I’m talking the week before—I will take all but the equivalent of 10% of the book down. If I don’t, I’ll be in violation of their Terms of Service and I don’t want to risk getting on the bad side of the ’Zon or the other store fronts.

Now, as for why I said the book is coming along very well even as it frustrates the hell out of me. I guess the easiest way to say it is the book is not turning out to be the one I started writing. It has morphed in ways I didn’t expect and continues to do so. I’m at the point where most of the changes are organic to the plot as it has unfolded. I can deal with those. But the problem comes in how it is going to require even more changes to the opening section of the book than I’ve already gone back and made.

To put it simply, when I started the book-heck, when I started planning the three books of the series—I planned them around Jake Shaw and his fellow cadets at the Academy. The first book was to open the week before they graduated and go forward from there. That quickly went out the window for several reasons. By the time I started posting here, the timing of this book was that it opened almost a year to the day after the last scene in Destiny from Ashes. At that point, however, the book was still to focus on Jake and the other cadets.

That’s changed. While they will play a large part in the book, there are other major players as well. And that part of the problem I’m having. It would be very easy to get lost in all the details of what happened to different characters in the 10 years since Destiny. Then there’s the political and military details and how Fuercon and its allies have gotten to the point they’re at when Warbound opens.

Hence the frustration.

But that’s all part of being a writer.

Speaking of which, it is time for me to put butt in chair and get to work—after getting another cup of coffee.

Until later!

Additional notes:

Keeping up with this blog as well as the Substack is difficult. I see a couple of options to the problem. The first is to simply use this blog to echo what is said on Substack or vice versa. That is easy enough to do. However, it screws up the numbers. Substack is excellent about showing how many eyes are put on each post, especially those who read it via email. That helps me determine what sort of content is working the best. There’s also the fact that a number of my Substack followers also read content here and I don’t want them to see the same thing over and over and over again.

So this option is far from optimal.

That leads to the second option. Keeping this blog going but only for occasional use: announcements, etc., and making Substack my main blogging platform. That would be easier to do but it would also be counterproductive because the longer a blog stands idle, the fewer folks who keep an eye on it.

The third option is to keep the blog going here but to make it more a general blog where I write about whatever is on my mind, including politics. I’ve shied away from doing that in the past because this has been my main writing promo platform. This is the link included in all my ebooks and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what your political beliefs, you will always upset someone with them. That means if I decide to go with this option, I will need to go in on all my published books and change the link from here to the Substack.

The final option (at least the final one that I’m seeing) is to discover a way to point from here to Substack, an auto-redirect of sorts. I’ve not taken time to see if there’s a way to do it. If I do, there will still be the issue of making sure I don’t lose my posts here. So it will take some research before that could happen, if it’s even possible.

In other words, my brain (which has only had one cup of coffee so far) is confused and running in circles, all the while yelling that I don’t have time to worry about this when I should be writing. Oh, and there’s this new story. . . SHINY!

I guess this is all my way of saying sorry for not being here recently and to keep an eye here and on my Substack. Which I just realized I haven’t linked . So here’s the link and, yes, there is free content.

Help me, I’m a confused, under-caffeinated writer with too many things playing havoc in my mind!

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