Jaguar Rising Launches Tomorrow and Myrtle Strikes Again

Launch Day is almost here! It’s that time every writer looks forward to and dreads at the same time. Our baby is about to leave the nest. We think it’s wonderful (or at least it doesn’t suck too badly). But what will the rest of the world think? We drive ourselves crazy as we wait for the first reviews to come in. So pay no attention to the redhead in the back of the room pacing, muttering and pulling her hair out. That’s just me as I wait for tomorrow to come. Yep, you guessed it. Jaguar Rising releases at midnight and my ulcer is letting me know.

I spent the weekend doing less gaming than I expected and more of everything else. To start, we had the blessing of my son coming home for a few hours. Between Covid restrictions (especially where his job is concerned) and other things involved with his job, he hasn’t been able to come home for much too long. So we dropped everything Friday night and Saturday morning. The visit was much too short but it was very necessary, especially for my almost-90 year old mother.

Because the servers for Outriders were down much of the weekend, after my son left, I did some of the prep work for Blood Stripe. I’m excited about this story and can’t wait to sit down and actually get started on writing it.

But. . . and you knew there had to be a but, didn’t you?

Myrtle the Evil Muse hit last night and kept beating at my subconscious after I went to bed. I now have the first two or three chapters of a new book firmly planted in my head. Worse, this doesn’t appear to be a one-off novel. Oh no, it bears all the hallmarks of a new series. It will be limited–assuming I give in and write it.

Oh, and did I say this story is very LOUD?

But that is for later.

For now, here’s a short snippet from Jaguar Rising (this is from the unedited version because I’m not on my work laptop right now). Oh, fair warning, I’m being purposefully vague here by not giving you the set up. Blame it on Myrtle the Evil Muse who has put me in my own evil state of mine. Bwahahahaha.

Mac glanced over at Jael and Murray. For the first time, she realized they stood stiffly, warily. Jael’s hand rested on the butt of the gun at her waist. More concerning were the flames dancing around Murray’s hands where she held them defensively in front of her.

Dear God, what was going on? Was the lycan closer than she thought?

“Mama, she didn’t mean it. She was only trying to protect us.”

“Easy, Mac,” Jael said softly. “Look to your left.”

Mac slowly turned. As she did, a young panther stepped out of the shadows. Teeth bared, growling softly, she padded closer to Ellen. Mac watched, confusion filling her even as she scented the air. This was no lycan. More importantly, there was something familiar to its scent. But how or why, Mac couldn’t tell.

Where had the panther come from? Mac knew all the shifters in the area and this wasn’t one of them. More concerning was Cait’s response—or lack of one. Any other time, the jaguar would be pushing for release, demanding they protect the elder. But not now.


If you haven’t ordered your copy, there’s still time before the book goes live. The print version should be live in a day or two (fingers crossed). Until later!

Featured Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay


    1. Nope. Let me put it to you this way. Since writing this blog post, I have now done (checks document) 2313 words of background and other things the MC thinks I need to know about the story and about her. Sigh.

  1. OK, I’ve just pre-ordered it but I have a “nit-picking” question.

    Amazon has it as Book One of Nocturnal Awakenings but I thought you had two earlier stories/books as part of Nocturnal Awakenings.

    So was I mistaken? [Puzzled Smile]

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