It’s Monday, it’s early, why am I awake?

Full disclosure. As I write this, it is a little after 0600. I’ve been up close to two hours and am still under-caffeinated. Not that it has stopped Myrtle the Evil Muse from pushing ideas into my head for projects I don’t have time to worry about right now. Or perhaps that is why she’s been able to do it. I don’t have the mental power yet to tell her to stop. Whatever the cause, it is time to start the week and all I really want is to head back to bed. But that’s not doing to happen, so I might as well get to work.

I want to start by thanking Sarah A. Hoyt for the shout-out yesterday on According to Hoyt. If you aren’t a regular follower of ATH, I recommend the blog. Her Sunday posts always include book promos. Along with pimping, Foil of the Gods, she linked to half a dozen or so other new books. Go take a look. There’s something for everyone there.

What else?

Finishing up the edits on Foil and getting ready to gear up on Jaguar Bound.

Oh, and did I say Myrtle the Evil Muse is being evil again? She dropped a four title series on me last night and this morning. The problem is, she wants it to be a sequel series to Mac Santos’ books using Cam as the lead character. The problem? The world doesn’t fit the one set up in Mac’s books. The world as she tried dictating it–note “tried”. I refused to do more than take a page or two of notes.–more closely resembles that of Morgan in Fire Starter. I’m wondering if Myrtle didn’t get drunk and confuse the series. The good thing? I think I can roll what she tried getting me to work on yesterday into the next Tearing the Veil book.

Not much else going on. Had some family drama over the weekend but it’s been dealt with–for the moment. The dog has dragged all his toys out of the basket and has them spread all over the den floor and my coffee mug is empty–again. Guess that’s my cue to get another cup and probably to see about breakfast. After all, I’ve now been up 2-1/2 hours. Then it is back to work.

One last bit. If you haven’t taken a look at Night of the Wolf, run–don’t walk–and do so. It’s the prequel to Nocturnal Origins. It’s a short read and a bargain at $0.99.

And to get you day started off with a laugh, here is one of the classic skits from the Carol Burnett Show. For those of you too young to remember the show, Tim Conway was an expert at ad libbing and trying to crack his fellow castmates up, especially Harvey Korman. Let’s say, Tim won this one hands down.


  1. I’m either not getting enough caffeine or someone screwed with the coffee in the office. It’s taking me four to five cups to wake up, and I still feel like I’m dragging. Maybe I need to find a meth dealer? But I’m thinking my coworkers would frown on that as I’m in law enforcement. Perhaps it’s time to talk to my doctor about some prescription amphetamines.

  2. I disconnected from the machine and then went back to sleep for an hour. A cup of coffee and I will be able to survive for a few hours. I wish I had your problem. 🙂 Anyway I’m not writing lately. I found this wonderful thing called youtube (Cyns Shadowland). Yep I am behind everyone else. I do a daily I Ching reading and then I read short stories. I’m hoping to get a reputation there so I can read other people’s short stories with permission. Right now I am reading my older stories and fairytales I found on Project Gutenberg. So my Evil Muse went video. 🙂

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