It’s live! It’s live!

Jaguar Bound is now live on Amazon and, yes, it does appear to be the correct file. After all the headaches earlier this week, everything looks to be a go now and I couldn’t be happier. Please, go check it out.

Twenty years ago, the world first learned of the existence of shapeshifters and other paranormals. It hasn’t always been easy but now Normals and Paras live in relative peace. Mackenzie Santos played a large role in making that happen. Mac has spent most of her adult life enforcing the law. Once she started turning furry, that law included Shifter law. Because of her and those like her, the world is a safer place.

Or is it?

A new threat appears on the horizon, one that puts both Paras and Normals in danger. Will Mac be able to meet and defeat this new challenge or will it turn into her greatest fear: war between Paras and Normals?



I had a lot of fun writing this one and laying down some cookie crumbs for something that might come in a year or so–no, I’m not telling what. I still have some things to figure out on that particular project before I announce it.

One word, this book is more like some of the earlier ones in the series. This focuses more on a series of crimes, crimes that could quickly escalate out of DPD jurisdiction and into something the paranormals will have to deal with. It is that balancing act of upholding the law and protecting her people that puts Mac right in the middle of the proverbial fire–again.

I really hope you guys like the book. Yes, I did buy a copy this morning to check to make sure the right version was being released by Amazon after all of this past week’s issues. If you prefer to get your copy from some place other than Amazon, look for that in the next few days as the different storefronts do their magic.

Until later!


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