It’s Happening!

Well, it’s taken time and there’s been some hair pulling and, yes, a great deal of cursing. Let’s be honest, on more than one occasion I turned the air blue (including this morning, but more on that later). But it’s happening. The six books comprising the Nocturnal Lives series are going live. As of writing, the books were available not only on Amazon, but also on Apple and several other storefronts.

I’ll admit, I hadn’t anticipated the time involved in getting to this stage or the amount of work that still needs to be done. The ebooks are promulgating through the system as I write this. But I still need to get new paperback files uploaded and distributed. Yes, the books are available in print through Amazon but there’s a problem with trying to get them into the other storefronts because, well, Amazon.

Besides, with the additional material added and with new cover art, it might just be time to assign them new ISBNs and see how D2D does with them or go through Ingram. After that, I need to look at audio books.

Yes, I’m becoming serious about this again. Call it refocusing after the idiocy of the last year-plus.

I also need to do some website redesign. That will happen over the next week or so.

Oh, and for those of you who signed up for the newsletter already, I’ll be sending out the link for the free prequel story tomorrow or the next day. Keep an eye out for it. I’ll post here and on social media when it goes out.

I did discover one thing today–well, last night to be honest. I probably should have anticipated it, but I didn’t. You aren’t allowed to even mention Amazon without Apple and Kobo flagging your file and not accepting it. It doesn’t have to have an active link. The mere use of the word causes the system to boot the file. So, first thing this morning, as I was chugging down my first cup of coffee, I had to resubmit the files, removing the word.

Yes, I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head.

What else?

Well, it took time to get these books ready. But I now have a new template that is easily adaptable to the other books that I want to go wide with. So it won’t be taking as long–fortunately. I’m ready to get back to writing.

In my free time (hah!), I’m going to keep learning about the different platforms, making sure everything id doing what I want it to and be more aggressive with promotions. So, along that line, look forward to an update as soon as the books are available at the other major outlets.

(One reason I’m not posting the universal links right now is I need to rescan the six titles to make sure it adds the Amazon links. I’ll do that once it looks like the other players are onboard.)

Until then, I’m going to find another mug of coffee and try to do some writing. Hope you guys have a great day–and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to receive your free copy of Wolf’s Prey, the exclusive short story set prior to Nocturnal Origins.



  1. Well, I heard a story about somebody changing a book file before putting it in the B&N store.

    The person changed the word “kindle” to “nook” even where a character was gathering “kindle” to start a fire. 😈

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